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Peng Shuanglang, chairman of Youda optoelectronics: the decline in the price of LCD panels does not have to be viewed negatively

PENG Shuanglang, chairman of Youda optoelectronics, a large panel manufacturer, said that the decline in the price of panels does not have to be viewed negatively, because it can stimulate the price reduction of terminal products and drive consumers to buy pendulums; Panel factories can still maintain profits through value-based products

Peng Shuanglang pointed out in an interview at the 14th Corporate Society Award Ceremony of foresight magazine today that the relationship between supply and demand of panels in the second quarter is still healthy. Downstream manufacturers should activate and release the effective demand of downstream industries for new materials and products, quickly digest panel inventory, and prepare for the peak season of the electronic industry in the third quarter

he stressed that Youda has always been making value products, and the proportion is getting higher and higher, especially medium and high-end products, which create much higher value than their peers. Therefore, in the environment of excess panel supply, Youda production line still maintains high capacity utilization

the world cup is coming. He believes that every sports event is almost helpful to the panel industry. Although he hopes that the event will drive the growth of panel shipments, it often backfires, but the event is still helpful to the growth of shipment area

he said that the price of panel fell in the second half of last year, and the price of terminal products also fell, prompting consumers to change for larger size products. In the first quarter of this year, the size of downstream terminal products of panel grew, and the annual average size should increase by 1 to 2 inches

he said that the supply of ultra large panels of Youda is in short supply, and it is still out of stock in the short term; In response to the decline in panel prices, the price of terminal products will be reduced to drive demand back, which is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the accuracy of the main weight is 1% value-based products. By reducing costs and giving full play to the advantages of product portfolio, profits can still be maintained

he explained that in the production of value-based products, we often encounter a small number of diverse products, which must be customized, such as industrial products, medical treatment, and special specification panels. Unlike the concept of mass production in the past, we have to spend a lot of time from market development to R & D and manufacturing, and then to supply chain management to see the results; If a product needs to be put into production, it is possible to change the product line more than twice, and the improvement of yield is also very important

he stressed that the panel price fell in the first quarter, and the trend was so inevitable; The consolidated revenue of Youda in the first quarter was NT $74.44 billion, a decline of 7% compared with the fourth quarter of last year, but its profitability did not decline significantly, that is, value products play a role, and the value is the cumulative effect of many years, which other peers may not be able to do

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