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Go grassroots in the Spring Festival: people who stick to the front line in the call center

there is such a group of people whose daily work is to sit at their desks and answer. Providing customers with 24-hour service, and sometimes even encountering difficulties

on the Lunar New Year's Eve, in the yellow triangle IOT Industrial Park in Gaoqing County, Zibo City, Shandong Province, lights are still bright. Nearly 100 employees of the call center stick to the front line of work, busy and dedicated for the laughter of thousands of families, and stick to their posts for the warmth of thousands of families

it is understood that the call center project is the first landing operation project in the park, and 850 seats have been built to call the workplace. At present, there are more than 500 on-the-job seats, and customer service businesses such as China Mobile, baidu takeout, ofo bike sharing, fire education, qunar, rong360, Didi taxi and so on

Zhao Xinguo, executive deputy director of the smart Gaoqing construction office, said that Gaoqing County has always been dominated by agriculture and textile industry in the past. In 2017, it established the development goals of ecological Gaoqing, industrial Gaoqing, smart Gaoqing, dynamic Gaoqing and happy Gaoqing. The following is an introduction to the impact of these factors. Smart Gaoqing is the leader of construction. Smart Gaoqing has transformed traditional industries with emerging industries, bringing a large number of information-based job opportunities. Smart Gaoqing's creation of the industrial chain of "high-performance fiber composite lightweight equipment" will also help Gaoqing completely realize the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and realize leapfrog development

New Year's Eve so the European Union's new standard, the chefs in the staff canteen of the yellow triangle IOT Industrial Park are busy, preparing to cook a rich working meal for the employees who stick to their jobs

New Year's Eve, the Industrial Park sends working meals to the employees who stick to their jobs

New Year's Eve, the employees who stick to their jobs in the yellow triangle IOT Industrial Park

he Lingling, 32, the mother of two children. This year, some frequently used tensile test opportunities showed that the indication error within certain range was out of tolerance. On the 30th day of the lunar new year, she spent time at work

staff of the full life cycle service platform of hazardous chemicals

Li long, data center operation and maintenance engineer. In order to ensure the normal operation of the whole big data system during the Spring Festival, the engineers of the operation and maintenance center stayed on the ground 24 hours a day

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