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Makano selfless love warms the people in Yushu disaster area

gkong news in July 2010, makano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. received a thank-you letter from the Red Cross Society of Jiading District, Shanghai in its email. In the letter, the Red Cross Society of Jiading District expressed its gratitude to mecano for generously donating 20000 yuan to help the people in Yushu disaster area in Qinghai Province rebuild, and informed that the donation had been sent to the people in the disaster area to help them with earthquake relief and rebuild their homes

on April 29, all employees of mecano spontaneously donated 20000 yuan to the people in the disaster area to help them rebuild their homes with practical actions. Mecano's love and care are like a trickle, moistening the hearts of the people in the disaster areas

mecano has been adhering to the concept of being an excellent corporate citizen and firmly shouldering its own corporate society; At the same time, guide all employees of the company to pay attention to public welfare undertakings

after the Wenchuan earthquake, the headquarters of MECANO Group donated 100000 yuan in cash to the disaster area for the emergency rescue of the earthquake relief front line, and called on all regional offices to make donations according to the actual situation of cutting off the switching power supply and re energizing. At the same time, Mr. Pan Jianhua, the general inspection manager, expressed his condolences to all employees and user units in Southwest China at the first time

in addition, mecano also funded 100 primary school students in the 5.12 earthquake affected areas through the love package activity, silently giving love with their own practical actions

(mecano donation reception)

Pan Jianhua, general manager of mecano (Shanghai) company, said that enterprises' participation in public welfare undertakings is not a show, but to let employees participate together and convey a spirit and real love. Mecano will continue to support the people in the disaster areas and is duty bound to fulfill the social responsibility of Chinese enterprises

it is reported that mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a wholly-owned company established by Phoenix mecano Ag in China. Since entering China for more than 10 years, macano has strived to be an excellent corporate citizen and formed a corporate culture of commitment and love. Moreover, its component products have won high praise from the market and are widely used in various fields such as communication, electronics and rail lithium oxide with an average grade of 1.77%, automation control, shipbuilding and aviation, equipment manufacturing, medical care, instrumentation, energy and electricity, petrochemical industry, etc. (hard rock)

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