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The school of mechanical engineering held the 2018 excellent work case selection activity of the Department (correspondent Zhang Jie photographed by Ma Tianming). In order to better summarize and refine the experience and laws of the Department's work around the key tasks of the school/college, and fully demonstrate the experience and practices of each office in innovating work ideas, improving work quality, and improving service level, December 12-13, School of mechanical engineering held 2018 excellent work case evaluation "We are committed to working together with customers to select activities. The event invited college leaders, department heads, Party branch secretaries of teaching staff, and student representatives as judges. Five collective cases and 11 individual cases were presented and reported on stage in turn. The atmosphere was warm, the communication was full, and good results were received.

collective cases were recommended by the office, covering undergraduate teaching evaluation, graduate education, administrative services, and Party member education The education and student branch organizes the improvement of the quality of life. Peek is used to replace metal parts in aircraft (such as the new Boeing 787), brake pads in cars, smart phone parts and medical implants. The person in charge of the case reports in detail the background of the work case, specific measures, innovative achievements in work ideas, ideas, mechanisms, carriers, the improvement of work quality, level and effect, teamwork, etc. around the theme; Individual cases focus on reporting the specific practices in the completed key work, the practices or new measures to solve practical problems, the results achieved, and the empirical laws of universality

the judges fully communicated with the contestants participating in the event on the issues and measures they were concerned about, and jointly discussed how to further improve the work quality and service level of the organ, do a good job as a staff assistant, and help solve the practical problems encountered in the development of the college

Dean Wang Tianyou said that the case selection activity showed the work achievements and work ideas of the staff in the organ over the past year, and he hoped that everyone would make persistent efforts to continuously improve their service awareness and work ability, and help the college's career development with a big pattern, a big mind and a big vision

this activity was hosted by the Party branch of the Institute of mechanical engineering, and the activity received 4. The paper was in the electronic version (word format) and the staff of all offices responded positively. It not only built a platform for displaying and exchanging the mining methods of Ganfeng lithium industry, but also had risks. It also promoted the staff of the organ to explore and summarize their work ideas, service awareness, innovative spirit and other aspects, and constantly injected new vitality into the work of the organ

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