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Mechanical engineering Shandong Xiang Lu Su Yu competes for the Tiejia cluster group of a strong mechanical province

Mechanical Engineering Shandong Xiang Lu Su Yu competes for the Tiejia cluster group of a strong mechanical province

China Construction machinery information

Guide: Recently, American caterpillar company made a hurry in China. After reaching an intention of cooperation with Shandong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., it went to Sany Heavy Industry camp in Hunan. Under the background of continuous years of rapid growth and strong development potential of construction machinery, this is the world's largest construction machinery enterprise

Recently, caterpillar of the United States made a hasty "move" in China. After reaching an intention of cooperation with Shandong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., it went to Sany Heavy Industry in Hunan to "explore camp". Under the background of the rapid growth and strong development potential of construction machinery for many years in a row, who will this "international giant", the world's largest construction machinery enterprise and the 37th of the world's top 500, be with, has attracted widespread attention in the industry and made a great contribution in the spring of 2014. Because the current construction machinery industry has exposed the competition pattern of taking the province as the "team", and the action of building a "strong province of machinery manufacturing" is comparing speed and strength

Hunan: brothers work together to build a "provincial war aircraft carrier"

at the end of August, Zoomlion implemented the reorganization and merger of Puyuan group, becoming the largest enterprise merger and acquisition in the history of China's construction machinery industry. When talking about this "big deal", some insiders speculated that the government's intention to expand the construction machinery industry was behind its restructuring

a person from Hunan Provincial Economic and Trade Commission said that at present, the scale of Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry and Puyuan is still far below that of XCMG, which accelerates the development of copper based new material industry, but the total strength of the three companies is likely to be greater than XCMG in the future. From this sentence, we can see the intention of Hunan, Jiangsu and Shandong to compete for a large province of construction machinery manufacturing

in terms of technology, Zoomlion itself was born in Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of construction, and at present, the Institute is still the largest shareholder of Zoomlion, so it has unique technological and talent advantages; At the same time, Sany Heavy Industry has spared no expense in technical research and talent introduction in recent years. The annual investment of the national technology center is more than 20million yuan. It has also set up its own engineer offices in Japan, the United States, Germany and other places to realize the whole process of interactive concurrent design with domestic designers through interconnection. At the same time, it has introduced more than 500 senior talents from all parties, and its research institute now has nearly 200 postdoctors, doctors and senior engineers; Puyuan group's research on truck cranes and special vehicles has always been at the leading level in China, and they won the second of the three national medals of national truck cranes. According to the comments, Zoomlion, Sany and Puyuan, with their sales control methods in 2002 and their all digital pulse control performance of around 1billion, combined with the strong financial support brought by listing and financing, can make Hunan famous in the provincial competition of construction machinery

in addition to the above enterprises, Hunan Shanhe Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is not weak, and its scientific research projects such as the National 863 program and intelligent robots are also a "potential stock" that cannot be underestimated

Shandong: large and medium-sized enterprises strive to be strong and inject "information engine oil"

"focus on building a strong province in modern manufacturing industry, and achieve new breakthroughs in the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure. Take building a strong province in modern manufacturing industry and accelerating the process of industrialization as the main direction, adhere to informatization to drive industrialization, industrialization to promote informatization, and take a new road to industrialization. Strive to make the added value of manufacturing industry in the province account for more than 85% of industry by 2005." This is the content of Zhang Gaoli's speech at the provincial Party committee working meeting

Shandong is a major machinery province. In 2002, there were 3092 large industries (Enterprises above Designated Size) in the provincial machinery industry, with a total industrial output value of 2668 4.8 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 26.55%, accounting for 22.5% of the province's industry In addition, the industrial added value, product sales revenue, profits and taxes and profits of the machinery industry account for about 20% of the province's industry. Among them, construction machinery ranks second in the country

there are a number of well-known construction machinery enterprises in Shandong. There are many scales on the folding table. You can easily say: Shangong, Shantui, linggong, Fangyuan group, Shandong Changlin, Shantui Komatsu, Shandong Juli, In addition, HD5 290thb boom pump truck, a large-scale concrete on-site conveying and pouring equipment developed by Shandong Hongda Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and Italian CB company, was also successfully rolled off the production line in the first half of this year

it is reported that Shandong Province will focus on cultivating four strategic advantageous industries, including machinery and equipment manufacturing, and construction machinery is also the focus of the opinions on accelerating the development of machinery industry in Shandong Province issued on July 25

in view of the current situation that "made in Shandong" is large but not strong, the province has decided to speed up the construction of a strong modern manufacturing province and make Shandong realize the leap from a "big manufacturing province" to a "strong manufacturing province" in the next five years. According to the established goal, from now to 2010, the machinery industry will achieve an annual growth of more than 20%. By 2005, the sales revenue of industries above Designated Size in Shandong will reach 1680 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 15%

Jiangsu: how can the "boss" position be left behind his family

when it comes to Jiangsu construction machinery, we can't help but say XCMG. This group, located in the hinterland of Northern Jiangsu, has been the leader of China's construction machinery industry for 14 consecutive years since its establishment in 1989, with a net increase of 20 times in total assets. The market share of many main products, such as truck cranes, rollers, pavers, climbing platform fire trucks, special chassis for construction machinery, mixers, drive bridges, slewing bearings, etc., ranks far first in the industry. In 1996, XCMG technology, which concentrated the group's essence, was officially listed, and raised more than 500 million yuan in just two allotments. The company used these funds to rapidly expand its scientific and Technological Development and manufacturing strength, so that the main product compaction machinery accounted for half of the national market, and the company's sales scale soared from 300 million yuan to 2.1 billion yuan; In October last year, XCMG successfully implemented a debt to equity swap with a total amount of 610 million yuan, which not only realized the diversification of investors, but also got rid of the heavy historical burden

in addition, XCMG's "marriage" policy has brought huge development space. Its cooperation with internationally renowned companies has entered the harvest period. The sales revenue of 13 joint ventures has accounted for 20% of the group's total sales. After gaining a foothold in developing countries, its export products are gradually penetrating the markets of developed countries

for Jiangsu Province, another climax of this "marriage" is emerging: Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea has decided to establish a joint venture in Changzhou modern Changzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd; Liugong recently expanded eastward to the coast, investing 200 million to build a production base in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province; Prior to that, on February 28, Liugong incorporated Yangzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. into its group and established Yangzhou Liugong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. by taking a two-step approach of "holding shares first and then overall mergers and acquisitions". At the same time, Zhenjiang Huachen Huatong pavement machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhenjiang Huatong Allen Machinery Co., Ltd. in the province also achieved the goal of output value of nearly 400million yuan in 2002; In addition, the construction of Jinshan Bridge Phase II development project, the largest economic development park in Xuzhou, was officially started, with a total investment of about 360million yuan, mainly introducing construction machinery projects. It seems that the "first top position" in the mechanical province will not be handed over easily

competition: there are different opinions on the merger of provincial "chariots"

it is understood that in addition to the above-mentioned three provinces, some other provinces and cities across the country have also targeted the machinery manufacturing industry. For example, the Henan provincial Party committee and the provincial government put forward the strategic decision of "building an advanced manufacturing base in Luoyang and revitalizing Luoyang industry", and took this work as the top priority of the province's economic work. This quickly opened the prelude to a new round of industrial construction in Luoyang. China YITUO Group Co., Ltd. has carried out technical cooperation with world-renowned companies such as Ricardo in the UK, BMW in Germany, Fiat in Italy, and Valmet in Finland, and has developed high-power diesel engines, new road rollers, and high-power wheeled tractors that are very promising in the market, forming a product structure dominated by three manufacturing sectors: agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, and power machinery

people from all walks of life generally pay attention to this idea of focusing on the development of economic construction in a certain field with a provincial orientation. One view is that the restructuring outcome of Zoomlion and Puyuan, for example, can achieve the goal of 1+1 greater than 2. Because both Zoomlion and sany have their advantages only in a single product. The revenue of concrete pump accounts for more than 60% of the operating revenue of Zoomlion and sany, while XCMG is in full bloom, winning nearly 8billion sales last year. The reorganization of Puyuan is a signal of the gradual transition from a single product to multiple or even full line products; Another view is that although the total sales of Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry and Puyuan in 2002 were less than 4billion, only half of XCMG's, the total profits of the three companies last year were about 500million, which is already above XCMG's, so there is no need to combine enterprises in the inter provincial competition

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, soberly said that the cluster effect has not been reflected, and the most concentrated embodiment is the lack of industrial supporting environment. Zhan said that Hunan had never thought of planning construction machinery as a pillar industry in the past. " This is Hunan's mistake. The development of Jiangsu construction machinery just benefited from the cultivation of a number of professional supporting enterprises around XCMG under the planned economic system, so as to form a good industrial atmosphere and create a premise for the introduction of foreign-funded enterprises such as American construction machinery giant Carter and Korean Hyundai

"Hunan can only rely on enterprises to gradually drive and cultivate a good industrial chain." Zhan said it still takes time to catch up with and surpass Jiangsu

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