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Mecano: optimize product performance and enhance integration ability

as a top expert in component technology, mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. presented its advanced technology and products at the 2015 Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (siaf2015) on March 9, 2015. At the exhibition, mecano exhibited a series of products such as rose, bopla, p t r, h a r t m a n, rk rose+krieger and plathaus on its simple and generous booth. Its products include: reactor, transformer, filter, rk industrial platform, industrial chassis, electronic instrument chassis, explosion-proof chassis, handheld chassis, control chassis and cantilever system, stainless steel chassis, keyboard, cable connector, etc. Mr. Zhao Hai, the regional sales manager of mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: we hope that through this professional exhibition, we will show our products and technologies innovated by structural optimization and weight guiding method, understand the latest market trends in the field of components, increase zero distance communication with users and insiders, and lay a foundation for the long-term development of the company

according to reports, makano rk series is one of the main products of makano, which is a wide variety of profiles and cabinet structures developed and produced to meet the needs of customers. The products are highly compatible, and can realize the functions of assembly, disassembly, reprocessing, reassembly and so on. The product range includes: connection series, blockan type material series, linear component series and electric driver series. Among them, the RK industrial walkway of mecano can not only realize flexible and simple installation, but also be compatible with other profile assembly series. Through internal expansion connection, it can be connected with each other quickly

another product of mecano is rose multi category industrial chassis. The comprehensive chassis design, processing and testing services meet the maximum needs of customers. These products can be used and operated safely and reliably even in special industrial environments. For example, man-machine interface systems are increasingly used in modern industrial equipment. Hid systems include simple emergency stop switches, complete sets of industrial PC or CNC systems, and these systems are suitable for harsh industrial environments. The control cabinet and cantilever system provided by rose can provide reliable electronic system protection and comfortable and convenient operation mode for the manufacturer

in addition, bopla series products also attracted visitors at the exhibition site. Bopla electronic instrument chassis has nearly 30000 different series of products, which can meet the needs of customers and can eliminate all kinds of chassis in real time due to defects. Bopla series products are designed with unique shape, exquisite structure, excellent production, and wide range of product applications to meet the needs of different customers. On the basis of retaining its original product characteristics, bopla series products take the lead in the development trend of the international market, and constantly design and develop new products to meet the diversified needs of Jinan test spring tension and compression testing machine, which is mainly used to measure the stress field of springs. Manager Zhao said

Mr. Zhao Hai, regional sales manager of mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

mecano products are used in various fields such as communication, electronics, rail transit, automation control, shipbuilding and aviation, machine tool equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, renewable energy, energy, power and petrochemical industry with advanced design, exquisite appearance and structure, high reliability, high precision and low energy consumption. Due to the special environment in these fields, the requirements for product hardware are relatively strict, especially in the use of electronic components and mechanical components, the attitude of users is relatively cautious. Our products have German quality, safety, reliability and other attributes, and can be used and operated safely and reliably even in special industrial environments. They have more obvious advantages than similar products at home and abroad. Manager Zhao said

in view of the current stable situation of the component market, mecano should not only optimize the performance of products, but also make greater efforts in the industrial application of products. Mecano will gradually enhance its automation integration capability in the Chinese market. It should not only do a good job as a component supplier, but also play the role of an integrator to meet the increasingly complex application needs of industrial automation customers. From a more professional perspective, we will provide intelligent system solutions to meet special customization requirements and participate in the implementation of auxiliary projects throughout the process. Manager Zhao emphasized again

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