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Mechanical injury is terrible. Seeing these pictures, you can't be careless anymore

first of all, we can understand what mechanical injury is: it refers to the squeezing, collision, impact, shearing, entanglement, twisting, throwing out, cutting, cutting, stabbing and other injuries caused by the direct contact of mechanical equipment (static), components, tools and machined parts with human body

as long as it involves production and processing, mechanical operation and other aspects

mechanical injury accidents cannot be avoided


a worker was suddenly squeezed by the translation of the machine after stepping into a machine, and the nearby workers hurriedly pressed to stop after finding it, but it was too late

the machine was instantly involved in the other side when starting it, Fortunately, the workmates around him found out in time that he had entered the lifting operation area without authorization and was crushed to death.

he was accidentally crushed during unloading and finally died in the hospital due to organ rupture after being sent to the hospital.

the man opened the safety door of the processing center and was instantly involved in death. After being lifted out by the workmates, he was covered with blood, There is also a hole in the top of the head...

for this bloody lesson

some friends think this has played a good warning role

some friends say that accidents happen around them

mechanical injury accidents occur frequently

what is the reason for these tragedies

how should we prevent it

this is the safety knowledge that every operator should know

analysis of the causes of mechanical injury accidents

People's unsafe behavior

there are two main reasons for personnel's misoperation and entering the dangerous area by mistake

the main reasons for personnel operation errors are:

the noise generated by machinery paralyzes the operator's perception and hearing, resulting in difficult or wrong judgment

operate or control machinery based on incorrect or incomplete information, resulting in errors

the display error of mechanical display and indication signal makes the operator misoperate

poor identification and standardization of the control and manipulation system lead to operator error

due to the urgency of time, the problem was not fully considered

lack of understanding of the danger of moving machinery leads to operational errors

unskilled technology and improper operation methods

inadequate preparation and arrangement led to operational errors due to haste

improper operation procedures, insufficient supervision and inspection, and illegal operation

artificially make the machine in an unsafe state, such as removing the safety cover, cutting off the interlock, etc. Take shortcuts, map convenience, and ignore safety procedures, such as no turning, no replacement analysis, etc

the main reasons for entering the dangerous area by mistake are:

changes in the operation of the machine, such as entering the dangerous area by mistake when changing the operating conditions or improving the safety devices

the psychology of saving trouble and taking shortcuts. For familiar machines, they will deliberately omit some procedures and enter the dangerous area by mistake

forget the danger zone under conditioned reflex

the monotonous and boring operation makes the operator tired and enter the dangerous area by mistake

enter the dangerous area by mistake due to visual or auditory errors caused by physical or environmental effects

wrong thinking and memory, especially new workers who are unfamiliar with machines and operations, are easy to enter the dangerous area by mistake

the commander misdirected, and the operator failed to resist and mistakenly entered the dangerous area

enter the dangerous area by mistake due to poor information communication

errors under abnormal conditions and other conditions

unsafe state of machinery

accidents can be caused by imperfect safety protection facilities of the machine, lack of safety and health facilities such as ventilation, gas prevention, dust prevention, lighting, shock prevention, noise prevention and meteorological conditions. In addition, if the mechanical equipment is non intrinsically safe, such equipment is lack of automatic detection system, or the design is defective, which can not fundamentally prevent the misoperation of personnel, and it is also easy to cause accidents

the danger source of injury accidents caused by machinery often exists in the following parts:

rotating parts have the risk of involving human bodies or objects from the outside; The chuck, drill bit, milling cutter, etc. of the machine tool, the transmission parts and the protruding parts of the rotating shaft have the danger of hooking the sleeves, trouser legs, long hair, etc., which will involve people; Wind wings and impellers are in danger of grinding; The rotating drum is in danger of getting involved

there is a risk of collision and crush at the part with linear reciprocating motion after the power line is introduced. The die, hammer head, knife edge and other parts of stamping, shearing, forging and other machinery are in danger of collision and shearing

there is a risk of impact at the swinging part of the machine

there are also different potential risk factors in the control points, control points, inspection points, sampling points and feeding process of the machinery

environmental factors

poor operating environment, such as disordered operation area, poor access, ground water and other environmental factors, will also lead to mechanical injury accidents

prevention of mechanical injury accidents

to prevent mechanical injury accidents, we mainly start from the following aspects:

1 equipped with intrinsically safe mechanical equipment

intrinsically safe mechanical equipment is equipped with automatic detection devices. When there are hands and other limbs under the dangerous parts of mechanical equipment, such as knife edges, at this time, even if someone touches the equipment switch by mistake, the equipment will not act, so as to protect personnel safety

2 strengthen the management of mechanical equipment and operators

formulate detailed operating procedures for mechanical equipment, and strengthen the training of equipment operators, so that employees can improve their safety awareness and recognize the dangerous factors in the operation process

provide qualified personal labor protection articles for employees and urge them to use them correctly

strengthen the management of the modified fire protection performance of the equipment operation area to reach A2 Level, and clean up the sundries in time to keep the operation area clean and tidy, 0~100kg clean, and the passage unblocked

check the mechanical equipment regularly, deal with the hidden dangers and problems of the equipment in time, and keep the various safety protection measures of the mechanical equipment in good condition

3 create a good working environment

operators, especially in the steel experiment of metallurgical industry, should pay attention to work and rest time, have a full rest and maintain a good state

thousands of jobs

safety first

nonstandard operation

two lines of tears for relatives

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