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Mecano strongly attended the 2007 AHMAR Asia Exhibition

in May, Beijing was sunny and sunny. AHMAR 2007 - the seventh international chemical technology and bioengineering exhibition and academic conference, jointly organized by the Chinese Chemical Society and the German chemical technology and bioengineering Association, was grandly held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. As the leading manufacturer of chassis series, mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. came on stage with its brand products: Rose and bopla, and appeared on the stage with more than 500 manufacturers at home and abroad

at the scene, people gathered in front of the red mecano booth. For a long time, the exquisite products, cutting-edge technology and unique and innovative design concepts provided by mecano have been pursued by end users

in this exhibition, mercanor recommended to users popular products such as industrial chassis, instrument and meter chassis, explosion-proof chassis, hand-held chassis, control chassis and cantilever system, stainless steel chassis, etc. the staff also patiently explained the relevant technical details of the products to the on-site audience

makano staff introduced that rose can also install various electronic components in the chassis according to the needs of customers in addition to producing standard chassis, and the products have also passed the global quality verification and are widely used in the current state of weak market demand. There is no improvement space contraction, tortuous industry, enterprise project engineering plan, etc. Bopla has 25000 different series of chassis products, and can meet the needs of customers to customize all kinds of chassis. Since entering the Chinese market, bopla has been highly praised by the Chinese market with its continuous innovation of products, first-class quality and professional team. After the baptism of the market and the choice of users, the products provided by mecano at present mainly have the following characteristics: the import amount is 66.79 million dollars:

the standard difference between industrial machinery enterprises is also very large: industrial chassis made of aluminum, polyester, polycarbonate, ABS, polystyrene, stainless steel and other materials can be provided

control cabinet and cantilever system: human machine interface systems are increasingly used in modern industrial equipment. HMIS these systems include simple emergency stop switches, as well as complete sets of industrial PC or CNC systems, and these systems are suitable for harsh industrial environments

arteb handheld chassis: designed with ABS and ergonomic principles, the protection level can reach IP65, which integrates versatility and convenience. The handheld chassis adopts six specifications and sizes, and can provide a variety of color covers to meet your needs

botego instrument case and accessories: the new standard case technology is applied, and the case is composed of plastic upper cover and lower cover. The best ventilation effect can be achieved by stacking and adjusting the upper and lower covers

through its appearance at the ahea exhibition, mecano learned more about the market demand and current market situation of chemical engineering and biotechnology, and also deepened its communication with customers. While feeling the warm atmosphere of the exhibition, mecano is convinced that through years of accumulated experience, professional and rigorous team, loyal and enthusiastic users, mecano will provide better products to repay the society

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