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Jiangxi Lighting Market Research: the market presents a diversified pattern

Jiangxi Province is adjacent to Guangdong, and is radiated by Guangdong lighting manufacturing base. In addition, the local unique home market and mineral resources have derived a large-scale lighting consumption market. In recent years, the lighting market in Jiangxi Province has risen rapidly, from the initial single lighting store to the lighting wholesale city, gradually moving towards a modern large lighting square. Jiangxi provincial government attaches great importance to the local lighting industry, and there are more and more professional lighting cities. Recently, I visited several township markets in Jiangxi to investigate the general situation of county-level lamps and lanterns market in Jiangxi

Ji'an City Taihe County

fierce market competition, enhanced consumer brand awareness

City Card: Taihe County is located in the central and southern part of Jiangxi Province, connected with Ji'an City, and has become an important area of the Ji'an corridor. It is the south wing sub center of "greater Ji'an" with a population of one million cities and towns. It belongs to Ji'an region, and is an important electronic information industry survey in the country. It also knows whether enterprises support the circular economy industry base with practical actions, It is also the famous "hometown of black chicken" in China

Taihe County has no professional lighting market for the time being, and the entry of Yuexing home will likely bring together many brand building materials merchants in the next two years to improve the local building materials home market pattern

at present, lamp dealers are mainly distributed along Chengjiang Avenue, Jingsi Road, Guanxi Road, etc. the comprehensive number of dealers is about 20, and the number of professional lamp dealers is no more than 10. Among them, AUP, Huayi, juhao, sunshine and other home lighting brands have performed well in the market; In the field of business lighting, as old brands, Rex and Sanxiong Aurora also performed prominently, while the light sources were mainly Mu Linsen and pilot, while the electricians performed better with OPP, Huayi, shidun, Futian, etc

according to Liu Wenzhong, a dealer of IKEA building materials (Huayi lighting store), at present, it acts as an agent for Huayi, Sanxiong Aurora, shidun and other brands, with a business area of more than 200 square meters, mainly retail and home decoration, and Huayi lighting brands account for nearly half of the sales of the whole store. This year, all Huayi lighting products are displayed under the second floor re decoration. Since the distribution of Huayi brand, the annual sales volume has increased at a rate of%

Mr. Liu said that Taihe County has changed a lot over the years. New buildings and old city reconstruction are also expanding, and the market is still quite potential. With the improvement of people's living standards, most consumers' requirements for home decoration have also begun to focus on branding, personalization and service. For home decoration, they not only require exquisite beauty, but also tend to choose products of quality and brand

dealers' wishes

improve sales and popularity through activities

Zeng zhaohuang, general manager of Rex lighting, introduced to him that he was an early group in the operation of Rex lighting. He has been focusing on the operation of a brand since 2004. Mr. Zeng believed that the county seat was small, and most of them did business with acquaintances, so word-of-mouth was very important. In order to enhance market competitiveness, he has continuously increased advertising efforts to improve store image and after-sales service. The 300 square meter exhibition hall is full of Rex lighting brand products. Mr. Zeng said that due to the impact of the general environment, business declined. In order to cope with the cold market, Rexroth lighting often carried out group purchase activities with other first-line building materials brand merchants, and continuously improved sales and brand awareness through activities

the market responded well and completed the annual sales task on time.

Xiao Hui, the dealer of Huihong lighting (AUPU Zhao 7, general agent of needle valve oiling Cup group mingtaihe), began to enter the lighting industry in 2001. Since 2008, he has cooperated with AUPU lighting hand in hand. He has accumulated more than ten years of industry experience and rich business experience. AUPU lighting has a high brand awareness in the eyes of Taihe County consumers. "OPP lighting has two stores in Taihe County, one is OPP lighting exclusive store, the other is OPP integrated ceiling exclusive store. This year, OPP art switch and integrated ceiling have been added. The market feedback is good, the style is novel, the products are complete, and the customers choose to put it in place in one step. Although, like most distributors, OPP lighting faces business difficulties, but the annual sales task of OPP lighting can be completed on time every year." The landlady said so

Ganzhou City Ningdu County

investors continue to pour in, highlighting the development potential

City Card: Ningdu county is located in the southeast of Jiangxi Province and the north of Ganzhou City, located in the upper reaches of the Gongjiang river. It is a large county of resources and agriculture, and one of the first 100 ecological demonstration counties in the country. The county has a population of more than 800000 and a relatively developed economy. Ningdu has a long history and profound cultural heritage, and has enjoyed the reputation of "Gannan granary" since ancient times

Ningdu deformation measurement four digital dial indicators measuring samples overturn deformation County lamp stores are mainly distributed along Dengfeng Avenue, Lingyun Avenue, Cuiwei West Road, Third Ring Road and other streets, with about 30 dealers. Opp lighting, Huayi lighting, Rex lighting and other local brand image parties hold a wait-and-see attitude towards this, which is relatively strong. At the same time, Midea, Aokesi, Mu Linsen, Guanhua, TCL, Foshan Lighting, juhao and other brands are also more active. Ningdu county is a consumption-oriented County, with high consumption level and strong brand awareness of consumers, but high-quality and low-cost products are still the first choice for mass consumption

dealer voice

one of the most powerful businesses in Ningdu

Huayi lighting Ningdu dealer Zheng Dongying is a dealer with advanced business philosophy, and has always followed the brand and high-end route. Since operating Huayi lighting brand in 2006, there have been two Huayi brand stores in Ningdu, with an operating area of more than 300 square meters. The decoration grade and market share have steadily entered the top three in the market. President Zheng has worked hard in the lighting industry for decades and accumulated rich experience. She has done many successful cases in the Ningdu home decoration, hotel, hotel and catering industries. This year, she was elected as the chairman of the "Ningdu home building materials decoration industry chamber of Commerce" and became one of the most powerful businesses in Ningdu, which also gave her a deeper understanding and understanding of the lighting market

when communicating with President Zheng, she talked about the difficulties faced by dealers in business and shared her experience in changing management in the face of the market: first, the brand competition is fierce, and the store image and product display are more distinctive than other brands, so as to create a very innovative and warm home lighting Experience Hall. 2、 Develop in a group, and jointly do group buying activities with various building materials brands and home decoration companies to jointly develop the market, share customer resources, publicity resources and team resources, reduce channel costs and improve market share. 3、 Strengthen team building, improve the quality and ability of team members, and better serve customers. 4、 Continuous advertising to enhance the influence of the brand in the minds of consumers. Advertising is brand building, activities are sales, and services are word-of-mouth

Products with high price ratio are more popular in the market

Xie Mansheng, a dealer in Ningdu of Guanhua lighting monopoly store, has been engaged in the lamp industry since returning to the local area from Guangdong. Guanhua has been in his hands for more than ten years. Having experienced the booming business in the traditional era, I also feel the difficulties faced by dealers nowadays. President Xie said that Ningdu consumers are more smart. Although the brand awareness has been improved, there is still a process to accept the brand and price. Products with cost performance are more popular in the market. In addition, the impact of e-commerce, the rise in logistics fees and raw material prices this year, coupled with rent, has made many dealers struggling. After a new round of market reshuffle, it will be more severe

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