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Jiangxi Tonggu vigorously promotes new machines and tools to help the rapid development of agricultural machinery

quickly adapt to the requirements of the structural reform of the supply side of agricultural mechanization, closely focus on the development goal of "one excellent, two stable and three upgrading" in the province, medium and thick steel plate products are widely used, and further promote new machines and tools and new technologies of agricultural machinery. The Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Tonggu County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, combined with the characteristics of mountainous areas, constantly innovated service measures, vigorously promoted advanced and applicable new machines and tools and new technologies, promoted the safe production of agricultural machinery, and promoted the healthy, coordinated and sustainable development of Agricultural Mechanization in the county

first, take the opportunity of the activity of sending agricultural machinery to the countryside with science and technology to vigorously carry out the publicity of new machines and tools and new technologies, and guide farmers to select, use and maintain machines scientifically through demonstration and radiation effect. In order to speed up the promotion of agricultural mechanization, we should achieve the first transformation in the industry and establish a good foundation

second, hold on-site demonstrations and technical training of new agricultural machines and tools that are applicable and in line with the characteristics of mountain operations, demonstrate and explain the performance, characteristics, operation technology and maintenance methods of new agricultural machines and tools, patiently answer the relevant questions raised by farmers, improve the ability of agricultural machines and tools to use new agricultural technologies and new machines and tools, and provide a strong guarantee for the promotion and application of new agricultural technologies

third, we should use the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery to drive the promotion of agricultural machinery. In the process of purchasing machines and tools in Liaoning and applying for subsidies, we should give full play to the leading role of agricultural machinery demonstration households, give priority to subsidy funds in an inclined way, actively promote new agricultural machinery technologies and new machines and tools suitable for local farming of Tonggu by detecting angular displacement signals and sending them to computers for data processing, Guide farmers to actively purchase and use advanced and applicable agricultural machinery

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