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On June 19, the author learned from the press conference of Jiangxi Agricultural machinery vocational skills competition that Jiangxi Provincial Department of agriculture will hold the 2017 Jiangxi "revitalization Cup" · "Zoomlion" agricultural machinery vocational skills competition, Zoomlion rh1004 tractor PL50 harvester once again became the only designated machine in this competition

press conference site

"revitalization Cup" · "Zoomlion" agricultural machinery vocational skills competition press conference

in terms of competition implementation, this competition will be divided into two aspects: theoretical examination and practical operation. The theoretical examination focuses on driving operation, which makes use of more and more extensive work and agricultural machinery maintenance knowledge, and the practical operation includes five skills competitions of three professional types of work, namely tractor driving, combine driving and agricultural machinery maintenance. The practical skills competition adopts the phase out system, and five competitions are competed through the three-level competition system. The top 10 players in the all-round competition and the top 3 players in each single event will also participate in the national agricultural mechanic competition and the national agricultural mechanic vocational skills competition, and compete with the national agricultural mechanic

gengwang rk704 dragging si1.77 machine

it is reported that the champion of this competition will win the title of "Jiangxi machine king", and the champion prize is a gengwang rk704 tractor

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