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The seven basic principles teach you how to choose and buy digital printing machines. The rise of the digital printing industry has led to a nationwide large-scale printing reform. Conference materials, training materials, enterprise materials, books on demand publishing and other industries have all chosen digital printing as the terminal output process. The development of digital printing machine is also changing with each passing day. There are many kinds of products. How can we choose the best and appropriate digital printing machine? The following introduces the seven basic principles for purchasing digital printing machines

1. Understand the market

who are your customers and what they want? You already have some ideas about the printing products that customers want to buy and which can use digital printing technology. At a recent printing buyers' Conference (Los Angeles), 60% of buyers said they were willing to choose digital printing, which shows the development potential of digital printing

digital printing has different functions and speeds, ranging from 40 pages/min to 136 pages/min. The products often produced by digital printing machines include pamphlets, advertising leaflets, direct mail (postcards and personal mail), books and periodicals, etc. In addition to this term, there are many other products. Not all offset printing parts are suitable for digital printing. Paper size and printing speed are the advantages of traditional printing machines, but at least half of the live parts can be produced by digital printing technology

2. Digital printing is different

the performance of colorants and inkjet is quite different from that of inks, and special paper is usually required

powdered colorants require paper that can retain or transfer charge. Liquid colorants may require the use of specially coated paper. Reduce the energy consumption of 100million tons of standard coal and use special paper for inkjet printers. Now there is a good news, that is, the designers no longer have to choose from only ten grades of paper. Some paper makers have developed paper suitable for both digital printing and offset lithography. Therefore, a living piece can also be printed in two different ways

before printing, people usually make certain adjustments to the documents to make them reach the ideal state

the color printer based on toner has a better color gamut than some four-color offset printers. I suggest you print a color table for the designer. In general, the digital color printer has five color configuration, so as to expand the color gamut of printing, while the printer using liquid colorant has seven color printing ability, which can meet people's demand for spot color printing

3. The digital printing polyurethane invisible film and other active ingredient machines in the compact products are different from those we know.

digital printing machines and ordinary printing machines are very different in speed, page size, color printing ability and other aspects. There are two types of digital printing machines: sheet fed and web. The maximum page size of the sheet fed printer is 1422 inches, while the maximum imaging width of the web printer is 19 inches. Most digital printers can easily print 8.511 inch and 1117 inch images, and some can also print on 118 inch pages

primary color printers often generate static electricity, so humidity control is very important. Some digital printing machines have a fixed temperature and humidity control system, which can make these machines and cause oscillation or pipeline leakage to work in a suitable environment. However, there are some models with exceptions. People need to provide special placement space for these machines to better control the environment around the machines

quality is no longer a problem. Although some customers will use a small magnifying glass to check the quantity of printed materials, for most printing buyers, they are concerned about the response rate, goods circulation and sales. Digital printing can bring them all the digital publishing they want, and even more benefits

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