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Seven factors affecting the conversion rate of enterprise e-commerce stations

the conversion rate of enterprise e-commerce stations refers to the proportion of visitors to the station who have performed a certain action beneficial to the station. "Conversion rate" is mainly divided into three quantitative indicators: converting the interconnected traffic into the traffic of enterprise stations; Convert the traffic of the enterprise station into the first purchase volume; Convert the first purchase into repeat purchase. The factors that affect the conversion rate of enterprise e-commerce stations include station brand, commodity attraction, customer service, customer behavior, user experience, traffic quality and other factors. Each factor also includes many influencing factors. E-commerce is a service-oriented industry. Therefore, the experimental equipment of e-commerce should preferably have two parameters: the whole process average temperature rise and fall speed and the linear temperature rise and fall speed (average speed every 5 minutes). Customer service should start from the heart, provide excellent services to customers through all links, and show the brand of the enterprise. The station is an interactive platform for e-commerce enterprises to communicate with customers. Its design must be service-oriented and attract customers to participate in the interaction in a variety of ways, so as to maximize the enthusiasm of customers. The factor of customer service level is the key to improve the conversion rate of enterprise e-commerce stations. What station optimization personnel can do is to bring potential customers to the station. How to retain users who come to the station and improve customer conversion rate is a test of the customer service level of enterprise e-commerce stations

this paper will analyze the impact of customer service level factors on station conversion rate from the following aspects: customer service, 800 or 400, message board, logistics distribution and service level, safe payment, exchange and return guarantee, order query and tracking, etc

I. timely customer service

the "marketing platform" is a systematic project, full of functions such as "web instant messaging tools, SMS, email, voice and video, CRM system"

the so-called "web instant messaging tool" mainly refers to customer service. Customer service is a two-way communication tool. Visitors can take the initiative to communicate with enterprise customer service. Enterprise customer service can also ask and pay attention to visitors, or actively send out conversation invitations to help visitors solve problems. Through continuous communication between customer service and visitors, high-quality services such as regularly sending product information, enterprise, holiday greetings and promotion information are used to facilitate signing

according to relevant survey data, 85% of visitors obtain the required information by actively contacting the enterprise. The survey data also showed that more than of the potential customers on the site were lost due to the visitors' failure to conduct timely online communication and exchange. In other words, if you just passively wait for visitors and come to the door, the station can only catch the visitors. It can be seen that building a marketing platform, improving customer service and improving its efficiency can effectively improve the station conversion rate

there are many ways to improve the efficiency of customer service. Enterprises can use stations, instant chat tools (such as MSN), e-mail and many other contact methods to enable staff to contact customers in time, help them find the goods they need, and answer their questions about product characteristics and correct product maintenance. Enterprises must be able to help customers in every purchase, and help them solve all the problems they encounter at every stage of the purchase decision-making process or in the product life cycle

in addition, there are many innovative station related tools that can improve customer service, such as personalized pages, FAQs (frequently asked questions), chat rooms, e-mail and auto answer, help systems and call centers

"marketing platform" can significantly improve the conversion rate of enterprise e-commerce stations

II. The unobstructed 800 or 400

call centers occupy a huge market in Europe and America. The original photoelectric displacement sensors are often used to continuously measure the wire diameter or as edge position sensors in the strip edge position control system. One of the reasons is that the called payment service is widely used. The vast majority of enterprises provide 800 (including 880) or 400 numbers to improve the service quality of enterprises and collect feedback information, Promote products and become the link between enterprises and customers

due to the callee payment, enterprises are eager to solve the problem of trying to improve the utilization rate of 800 business, collecting information to the greatest extent, and creating good economic benefits. The call center is welcomed by enterprises for its management and control functions for incoming and outgoing calls

the traditional 800 (or 400) service can attract more right users for the enterprise, so that the enterprise products can be sold directly to more users. However, because the caller does not need to pay, many customers frequently call this service to ask some simple questions, resulting in busy lines and difficult for the operator to deal with. Many customers complain because they can't get through. At the same time, operators are prone to make mistakes due to their busy work, resulting in low efficiency and a waste of a lot of communication costs. In addition, due to the large number of departments in some large enterprises, the cross regional and cross national businesses, and the detailed division of technology, the questions asked by customers are all inclusive. The operator can not answer all the questions satisfactorily. It is often necessary to transfer to several departments and find special personnel to get the answer. This affects the proper functions of 800 (or 400) services and weakens the quality of service. At present, most enterprises' 800 (or 400) business centers adopt computer management. The integration of computer and technology helps enterprises solve the above problems, effectively control and handle incoming calls, provide users with satisfactory services, open up new market businesses, and improve the conversion rate of enterprise e-commerce stations

III. message boards/timely answers

in a station, message boards can be set up to collect visitors' opinions. In the message board, customers can leave various opinions and suggestions on the station. Generally, a message board program should at least have the function of collecting visitors' input information and saving it to a file or database. In addition, it should also provide customers with the function of viewing others' messages

"customers and potential customers interact through information". This sentence is very reasonable. I saw such a real message on the website: "I have checked many stations in the past two months, and I personally think you have done the best. You have taken the trouble to answer all your strange questions. Other stations are different, and we will not answer more questions. On behalf of all the message makers, I sincerely thank you! You have worked hard". As we all know, a basic function of the message board program is that customers can view other people's messages. Undoubtedly, this message will leave recognition and praise to those who are about to leave or read the message (including the potential customers of the station). The force value of the electronic tensile testing machine is measured through the force measuring sensor, amplifier and data processing system. The ball screw mainly affects their purchase behavior and the conversion rate of the enterprise's e-commerce station

when users have questions and puzzles about products, mail orders, etc., there are many ways to solve the problems, such as,, email, message board, etc. The most direct way is to communicate with in real time. However, e-mail and message board are lagged waiting exchanges, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, after the evening off work, a potential customer visits the station and wants to buy products, but some questions cannot be found through the "common problems", so he can solve the problems by sending an email or leaving a message on the message board. And I think message boards are better than e-mails for the following reasons:

1 The message itself is a process of creating content. The more messages, the richer the content of the station

2. When new visitors look at the message board, they find that there are a lot of messages. The first reaction to new visitors is that the site is very active and the user participation is high, indicating that the product is very popular and the product itself may be reliable

3. New visitors may read other people's messages and see the answers in other people's messages, which reduces some repeated queries and communication costs

IV. logistics distribution and service level

the process of e-commerce is expressed by the formula: e-commerce = previous information transmission + previous transaction + previous settlement + logistics distribution. The first three items can be realized through computers and network communication equipment, and only logistics must be transmitted by means of a series of mechanized and automated tools (except for a few goods and services such as electronic publications and information consulting). Therefore, it can be said that logistics is an important part of e-commerce. With the emergence of e-commerce, consumers can complete the shopping process by sitting at home. However, if the goods they buy are delayed or the goods they buy are not delivered, will consumers still choose to go shopping? Therefore, the logistics service level is the guarantee for the e-commerce station to realize the "customer-centric" concept. Improving the logistics service level is an indispensable key link to improve the customer service level and even the station conversion rate

e-commerce logistics distribution refers to the activities that logistics distribution enterprises use networked computer technology, modern communication technology and advanced management means to carry out a series of classification, allocation, division of labor, distribution and other tallying work in strict accordance with the user's order requirements in accordance with the user's requirements, and deliver them to all kinds of users without limits in time, fixed point and quantity to meet their demand for commodities. Compared with traditional logistics distribution, e-commerce logistics distribution is positioned to provide services for e-commerce customers. According to the characteristics of e-commerce, it implements unified information management and scheduling for the entire logistics distribution system

the selection of the location of the distribution center will significantly affect the efficiency and cost of the actual operation, as well as the expansion and development of the storage scale in the future. In the selection process, natural resources, demographic characteristics, taxes and subsidies, transportation services, customers, energy and other factors shall be comprehensively considered. Clarify the policy and necessity of establishing the distribution center and the basic conditions for establishing the distribution center, including the requirements, transportation conditions, distribution service conditions, land use conditions, laws and regulations, management and information function conditions, circulation function conditions and other conditions, master the necessary business volume data, cost data and other data, arrange and compare them, and circle the candidate address after repeated demonstration. According to the main functions of the distribution center, the site requirements of internal facilities, layout, processes, etc. shall be considered

the location of distribution center should first select the appropriate geographical area. Carefully evaluate each geographical area and select an appropriate area for consideration. At the same time, it must be determined according to the characteristics of goods, service scope and the operation strategy of the distribution center

after the geographical area of the distribution center is determined, the specific construction site needs to be determined. If it is a manufacturing distribution center, it should be close to the production plant or the port of import; If it is the distribution of daily consumer goods, it should be close to the residential community

v. reliable and secure multiple payment channels

b2c/c2c e-commerce compared with e-commerce between enterprises, the payment involves less money and requires less security in the payment process, but its application is more convenient and flexible, and its implementation is relatively simple. B2c/c2c payment methods include credit card, e-cash, e-wallet, smart card and personal banking

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