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Zhejiang Dingli: Service re upgrading calls for national brand with quality

Zhejiang has a very decadent prospect Dingli: Service re upgrading calls for national brand with quality

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, The warranty period is two years (excluding tires and batteries). Note *

the reason for widespread concern is that this is definitely not a simple arithmetic problem: the failure rate of the equipment is geometrically positively correlated with its service life. Even if there are few problems within one year after the equipment is sold, the failure rate will often increase significantly or even double after one year. Therefore, the two-year warranty period may mean several times the original service cost investment. In this way, it becomes a difficult decision for peers to follow up or not to follow up

however, Zhejiang Dingli didn't have much trouble when making this decision. The reason is very simple. In recent years, while the quality of its aerial work platform products has been continuously improved, the failure rate has been continuously reduced. Even if the warranty period is extended to two years, the failure rate will not be significantly improved

therefore, Zhejiang's decision to extend the warranty is more like a solemn recommitment to its product quality in essence

in August 2015, China Construction machinery trade was invited to Zhejiang for a full visit. During this period, we were deeply impressed by a series of top intelligent equipment at home and abroad, such as German CNC laser cutting machine, German automatic robot bending machine, automatic welding robot, CNC boring and milling machine, automatic pretreatment line, automatic spraying line, multiple automatic assembly lines, etc. These equipment ensure that the products produced by Zhejiang Dingli have reached the international advanced level in terms of standardization and stability

"we should be responsible for our own products and strive to provide the best products, even compared with the international leading brands." Xushugen, chairman of Zhejiang Dingli, once spoke to 21 sun in a firm tone

due to the excellent product quality, the European CE safety certification, American ANSI certification, Australian as/nzs148 certification and Russian cu-tr certification of German TUV Rheinland and Italian ECM, which are unattainable entry barriers in the eyes of many domestic peers, have been conquered one by one by Zhejiang in recent years. Its high-altitude oil wiping equipment has successfully entered the three mainstream international markets of Germany, Japan and the United States

"we have confidence in our own products and are confident to represent Chinese national brands in the international market." Xushugen said

in the overseas market, there are many good news reports, especially in the domestic market. As the leader of the domestic aerial work platform industry, Zhejiang Dingli has continuously improved the market awareness and market share of the company's products in recent years, and strengthened the development of new customers. The measurement and control system of the data tension testing machine: the measurement and control system of the testing machine (i.e. software and hardware) achieved a main business income of 103.7503 million yuan in the domestic market in the first half of 2015, an increase of 114.38% year-on-year

according to an industry survey, compared with 520000 aerial work platforms in the United States at the end of 2014, there is only 20000 aerial work platforms in China, which has at least 10 times the growth space. In the face of such a huge market, although there are many international giants, with "products that are not inferior to international leading brands", Zhejiang Dingli obviously has more ideas about this big cake, not to mention more chips besides quality, such as being closer to customers and needs

"although the decision to extend the warranty is based on strong confidence in the excellent product quality, there is another more important reason, that is, to meet the needs of customers and prepare samples and measuring tools, so as to further relieve customers' worries. Zhejiang is fully responsible for users, for the sake of users, and services regardless of costs and costs!"

based on the user, the service moves according to the needs, the quality is the root, and the improvement is endless. Zhejiang Dingli is calling a national brand in the international market on behalf of the domestic aerial work platform industry

note * the product models of Zhejiang Dingli involved in the extended warranty are as follows: jcpt0507, jcpt0607, jcpt0607dci, jcpt0607dcs, jcpt0807dc, jcpt0807hd, jcpt0808dc, jcpt1008dc, jcpt1008hd, jcpt1012dc, jcpt1012hd, jcpt1212dc, jcpt1212hd, jcpt1412dc, jcpt1412hd, jcpt1612dc, jcpt1612hd

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