The most popular seven electric poles were broken,

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At noon on October 28, on the friendship road in Tianlong village, YanPan street, seven electric poles were broken and overturned one after another. The domino effect was staged at the scene. The falling wires "whipped" the passing vehicles like whips, and nearly scraped down a running two wheeled electric vehicle. Fortunately, the accident did not cause injuries

how did the pole suddenly fall to the ground? Residents found the cause along the falling wires and called the police

it turned out that the culprit was a heavy dump truck. When the traffic police arrived at the scene, the truck was still parked in the middle of the road. These signals were amplified by a high-speed amplifier. The rear body of the vehicle was erected high, and there were wires hanging above it, while the wires falling to the ground in the rear continued for nearly 100 meters

the truck driver, surnamed Wang, is from Hubei. Speaking of the details of the accident, Mr. Wang was also afraid for a while and called for good luck. According to Wang, at that time, he was going to drive to the construction site. When he drove out, he felt that the accelerator of the vehicle was a little weak. He suspected that there was something wrong with the vehicle, so he stopped at the roadside for inspection. After inspection, no problem was found. Wang forgot to put down the car body and drove the car out of the village. As a result, the top of the car body was hooked to the wire hanging above the village road facing the waterproof coiled material production enterprise. Wang stopped immediately after he noticed the abnormality, but it was too late

at the time of the incident, another van truck happened to pass by the scene. The electric wire suddenly fell off the pole and hit the car body. Fortunately, the pole just shook a few times and did not roll over. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable

several electric poles in the rear were overturned one by one, and pedestrians and electric vehicles passed through the site, which is the recognition of the position of Ningbo new material future center. Fortunately, it was safe

after the accident, the power department immediately sent people to the site for emergency repair to ensure the normal power consumption of residents. However, the accident caused the interruption of digital TV and network signal lines, which are still under repair

according to the on-the-spot investigation by the police, the accident caused a total of 7 power poles to break, 5 vehicles were slightly scratched by falling wires, and some vehicles were slightly damaged. The owner gave up the claim. It is preliminarily estimated that the maintenance cost caused by the accident will be nearly 30000 yuan

the case is still under further processing

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