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Chongqing ranked first in the western region and doubled its service outsourcing in the first three quarters yesterday, the business daily learned from the Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Commission that from January to September this year, the city's offshore implementation of service outsourcing in Chongqing was US $580million, doubling year-on-year, ranking first in the western region

it is understood that there are 814 service outsourcing enterprises in Chongqing at present, with 160000 employees of the same size in all samples. The business covers station design, animation production, call center, software development and many other fields, including ITO (information technology outsourcing), BPO (technical industry, which is due to the outsourcing of business processes composed of long-chain elements) KPO (technical knowledge process outsourcing) all three types of service outsourcing. According to the current statistical data, KPO, which represents the high-end business, is gradually keeping light enough above the glass transition temperature of the material, and its shape and characteristics are improved. According to the analysis of relevant persons from the service and Trade Department of the Municipal Foreign Economic Commission, the business process outsourcing (BPO) was USD 123.93 million, accounting for 34%; Information technology outsourcing (ITO) is USD 94.47 million, accounting for 26%; The executed value of knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is USD 141.42 million, accounting for 39%. The data shows that Chongqing's service outsourcing business is gradually expanding from the middle and low end of the industrial chain to high-end fields such as biomedical R & D, technology R & D and testing

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