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[service Wanli trip] grassland welcomes the service team in midsummer to deliver comfort and keep the original intention - 2020 Zoomlion engineering hoisting machinery service Wanli trip goes into the purification and treatment technology of rare, refractory high-purity metal and high specific volume powder; Sintering and preparation of molybdenum, tantalum and niobium materials Mongolia

[service Wanli trip] the grassland welcomes the service team in midsummer and keeps the original intention -- 2020 Zoomlion engineering hoisting machinery service Wanli trip into Inner Mongolia

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the trend of equipment and service, where there are customer needs, there are Zoomlion people. Zoomlion Heavy letter) we have traveled thousands of miles through the Furong country of three Hunan and four rivers, and have come to Baotou, a steel city on the grassland

on July 8, 2020, the Northwest Wanlixing group of Zoomlion engineering hoisting machinery branch, composed of service, technology, quality, manufacturing and other departments, came to Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region for customer visit, equipment on-site inspection and 100% service with wholehearted care. Practice the service concept of taking customers as the center and creating value for customers with practical actions

▲ the service engineer is checking the customer's equipment

in the early morning of July 9, in spite of the fatigue of the journey, Zoomlion northwest Wanli travel team just arrived in Baotou, began to plan the 2020 northwest Wanli travel activities, and made a detailed improvement report in terms of market and quality. With the completion of the launching ceremony for the handover of wanlihang banner, it also marks the official start of Zoomlion crane engineering branch's service to wanlihang in Northwest China in 2020

on the afternoon of July 9, the northwest group drove to Wuchuan County, Hohhot city to check the maintenance of zcc9800 equipment and the use of various institutions for customers of an electric power facilities Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia. The members of Zoomlion's Wanlixing group in Northwest China carefully asked the customer and the machine operator about their equipment experience and made detailed records. While checking the equipment, we listened to the customer's suggestions and communicated face-to-face. We grasped the customer's needs at the first time, making the customer feel the warmth of home service. The northwest region Wanli travel team not only delivered services to customers, but also prepared cool summer gifts for customers

▲ the service team of Wanli travel in the northwest region rushed to the scene in the rain

the weather in Inner Mongolia in July was like a child's face. It changed every time, sometimes sunny, sometimes stormy. On July 11, Zoomlion's Wanli Group in the northwest region just arrived in Xilingol. Before it could enjoy the fertile grassland, it was blown by a gust of wind and could not distinguish the way ahead. However, the Zoomlion people put in the steel mold and braved the strong wind or sudden rain. They walked against the wind to the customer's zcc9800 crawler crane, skillfully replaced the engine oil guide pipe for the equipment and conducted patrol inspection. Then he explained the maintenance knowledge, double hook synchronous calibration operation knowledge and relevant practical training to the customer. After completing all the procedures, the sky has gradually darkened, but the northwest regional service team has no rest, and continues to set foot on their service road. On the morning of July 12, the northwest regional service team paid a routine visit to check a zcc9800 in Zhenglan Banner, Inner Mongolia, and the weather once again became their roadblock. The originally fine weather was suddenly stormy and torrential rain. After a while, the accumulated water on the road was tens of centimeters deep. When going uphill, the wheels skidded and it was difficult to walk. 4. each length A pneumatic unit The more difficult it is to adopt the dynamic exchange of display digits, the more it can reflect the struggling spirit of Zoomlion people who are not afraid of obstacles and torrents. Zoomlion people are not afraid of mountains and water. After overcoming obstacles, they still provide customers with the best service with full enthusiasm

▲ equipment maintenance for customers

on site exchange of equipment usage ▼

zoomlion will serve the Wanli trip to Inner Mongolia in 2020. The patience, attentiveness and excellent professional skills of the service personnel have added good memories to the customers here, and also made the customers feel the optimistic attitude and indomitable attitude of Zoomlion people. They uphold the service brand concept of sincere service and care, embody the warm spirit with details, and serve every customer with heart. In their work, they always serve customers from the perspective of family and friends, and are eager to meet the needs of customers and think about what customers think. Every time we set out, we would repeat the same process with the original intention of identity, listen to customers' needs with sincere care and practical solutions, create a perfect service experience, practically output valuable services for customers, and improve customers' satisfaction with Zoomlion's brand strength

Zoomlion engineering crane branch provides services for thousands of miles. It keeps walking. The next stop is Ningxia

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