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[quality of service] Shandong Lingong's "global service journey" into the picturesque Argentina

[quality of service] Shandong Lingong's "global service journey" into the picturesque Argentina

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the statue of Jose San Martin stands firm in the streets of Argentina, the gentle La Plata River, the world-famous candy box Stadium... This is Argentina, a picturesque and poetic place, Such as wine and song, the main structure of the country adopts a framework structure

this is also a country with weak infrastructure. Argentines who love poetry and are far away hope to put wings on their country. Shandong Lingong takes the hope of the Argentine people as its own responsibility, just like an eagle. Although it has endured thousands of trials and hardships, it has never forgotten its original intention, forged ahead, and finally soared forward with 10 points of industry experience

from mid April to mid May 2018, Shandong Lingong, the "Eagle", carried out a special promotion activity for the Argentine market with the theme of "care, endless", covering the improvement of products, service capabilities, post market business, etc

the activity team has visited Cordoba, Rosario, neuken, tukuman and other places to conduct in-depth research on customer needs and customer satisfaction surveys, so as to provide customers with products more in line with actual needs. At the same time, a one week product service training was carried out for the dealer service personnel to improve the service capability of the terminal. In terms of post market business improvement, Shandong expects that the types, shapes, positions, and directions of possible defects are temporary, Latin American sub regions, Argentine agents, and secondary agents. The "four party talks" will hold a special meeting on the spot rate and delivery time to protect the improvement of post market business in Argentina

"for the successful flower, people only admire her current brilliance. However, at the beginning, her bud was soaked with tears of struggle and sprinkled with blood of sacrifice." Shandong Lingong has been deeply involved in the Argentine market for many years, and has gone through a wrong and dangerous road, but has never stopped on the road of struggle. Now the three carriages of products, services and post market are all driven together. In the future, Shandong Lingong will surely spread its wings

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