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There is a famous saying in Europe: "look at the living room, you can know the owner's career achievements; look at the kitchen, you can know the owner's life taste." It can be seen that Europeans attach importance to the kitchen. They pay attention to the beauty and practicality of kitchen decoration, so cabinets are quite popular in Europe

there is a famous saying in Europe: “ Look at the living room, you can know the owner's career achievements; Only by looking at the kitchen can we know the master's taste of life& rdquo; It can be seen that Europeans attach importance to the kitchen. They pay attention to the beauty and practicality of kitchen decoration, so cabinets are quite popular in Europe

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nowadays, the domestic cabinet industry has moved from a single development pattern to a diversified development path. The continuous innovation of technology and the continuous perfection of forms have led to the emergence of various popular styles of cabinets. Many consumers reported that in the process of purchasing cabinets, on the one hand, they were dazzled by the colorful displays, and on the other hand, they were warmly recommended by the shopping guide “ Clouds and mists cover ”, I hope to have a relatively simple overall kitchen solution. To this end, the reporter learned about the current situation of the cabinet Market and the ordering process through multiple channels, and summed up a set of practical “ Cabinet shopping strategy &rdquo

color: choose the right cabinet to marry a man

a woman choosing a kitchen cabinet is like choosing a lover. Only by choosing the right color and style that agree with her own feelings, can a woman become amorous in the small world of the kitchen and interpret her romance and wisdom. The color selection of kitchen tiles is generally matched with the same color or contrast color, which can play a prominent or coordinated role

white: it presents a simple, elegant and clean feeling. It will be very harmonious with ceramic tiles and electrical appliances of any color

yellow: light yellow can match with a variety of colors to produce satisfactory results, such as blue, green, red, etc. bright apricot yellow will create a youthful and unrestrained artistic conception

blue: This is a dreamlike color, giving people a clear and romantic feeling. Blue is more fresh and elegant against the background of white, full of decorative flavor, which makes the heart of the noisy device dock in a quiet harbor, especially suitable for white-collar workers who are nervous about work

green: relaxed and pleasing to the eye is the first impression of green. The change of green depth makes people relaxed and happy. The light green floor is like a field, the yellow cabinet is like autumn leaves, and the dark green countertop is like pine needles, forming a natural scenery, which makes people feel suddenly bright

natural color of wood: This is a kind of rustic color that returns to nature. Being in the space constructed by simple solid wood, plus the ornament of flowers and plants, will make life more rural and beneficial to physical and mental health. Many old people, stable personalities and owners prefer wood natural color cabinets

Red: passionate, festive and auspicious, which is the spirit of red. Red is the most appropriate for newlyweds, which can better show the vitality of life, and red can stimulate appetite. The collocation of red and yellow has a warm, supplemented by the festive and auspicious color technique of old-fashioned furniture, which will make the cabinet show a thriving new atmosphere

silver grey: it seems to come from space. It is the product of modern civilization and symbolizes efficiency, health and enthusiasm. Silver grey shows its massiness in simplicity, which makes people restore a peaceful state of mind. This tone is attached to the cabinet space with exquisite cutting, as if it were an aircraft in space

design: put the kitchen into the cabinet

do you believe that the kitchen can be put into the cabinet? This “ Magic cabinet ” It's called the whole cabinet. The development of the cabinet is changing with each passing day. It is no longer a single function and rustic appearance in the past. It integrates the functions of the console, receiver, kitchen appliances, garbage disposal and so on, which is familiar and strange to people

keyword 1: open

according to the introduction of senior cabinet designers, the powerful overall cabinet is often placed in a straight line, L-shaped or U-shaped in the actual layout. The kitchen with a small area is often used, and all working areas are arranged on one wall to save space. If the kitchen is relatively spacious, it is best to turn a corner and turn into an L-shaped cabinet, otherwise it is easy to reduce the operation efficiency. The U-shaped cabinet has two corners, with the largest space requirements and the richest collection

no matter the cabinet layout is one-sided, L-shaped or U-shaped, the hanging cabinet and floor cabinet are the same, and the kitchen utensils and electrical appliances are all inclusive. The common closed layout will make the whole space appear depressed, so the open kitchen has gradually become a trend. The kitchen, dining room and living room are three in one. The color of the cabinet matches the style of the living room and naturally integrates into the overall home atmosphere. The open kitchen can also maximize the use of natural light, allowing people to experience the pleasure of operation

keyword 2: Gao Daquan

the appearance of the latest cabinets shows “ High, large and complete ” Characteristics of. The floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet are two components of the cabinet. The height should be suitable for the height of the person who most often uses the kitchen. The floor cabinet is generally 70 ~ 80cm high, the hanging cabinet is 40 ~ 50cm, and the distance between the floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet is usually 50 ~ 60cm

cabinet “ Big ”, Refers to the atmosphere, due to the “ Open ”, The cabinet has become the focus of vision. The one-line layout is smooth and concise, the L-shaped layout is comfortable and bright, the U-shaped layout is rich and fashionable, and the materials of paint door panels and solid wood door panels make the cabinets present a modern or elegant temperament

cabinet “ All ”, It refers to all functions, including operation, storage, use of electrical appliances, garbage disposal and other functions. The water tank used on the console is usually double water tank, and cleaning and sorting do not affect each other. The storage space is extensive and profound, including ordinary drawers, storage baskets for fruits and vegetables, and various storage shelves. Electrical appliances are often embedded, and the cabinet door can't be seen from the appearance. After being opened, it may be a microwave oven or a disinfection cupboard

keyword 3: humanization

at present, the latest cabinet, the cabinet door is not flat open, but can be pulled down, and the cabinet grille and shelf can also be lowered to a convenient place with the cabinet door

some cabinets use butterfly shaped shelves that can be pulled because of their large internal space. Through the ingenious structure, you can get the items that are placed closer when you pull them apart a little, and when you pull them apart completely, you can bring out the things that are placed deeper, eliminating the trouble of probing into the cabinet and looking for things. The use of cabinet door damper is also a very humanized measure. Due to the tension of the cabinet door hinge, there is usually an annoying Bang after closing the cabinet door, but after using the damper, when the cabinet door is closed, it can be cushioned by the damper first and then closed slowly

selection of cabinet materials

1 Countertops of kitchen cabinets: the countertops of cabinets can be divided into granite countertops, stainless steel countertops, fire-resistant panel countertops, polymer artificial slate, and artificial jade countertops

2. Door panels of kitchen cabinets: there are fire-resistant door panels, ice flower panel door panels, solid wood door panels, spray painted door panels, PVC molded plastic door panels, metal texture door panels, melamine panels and other materials

3. The main material of kitchen cabinet: there are usually particleboard and medium density board

special tips: according to the national standard, the reasonable limit of formaldehyde emission in cabinets ≤ 1.5mg/L。 (harmful substances produced in cabinets mainly come from man-made wooden plates and paint coatings.)

pricing method of cabinet

1 Pricing by extended meter: that is, by length. But the standard of this way is not unified

2. Calculate by single cabinet: this pricing method takes the cabinet, cabinet door and hardware as a whole. Taking each style as a unit, it can be considered as fixed price, and the table top is calculated separately

3. Quartering method: that is, the cabinet body, cabinet door, hardware and table top are calculated separately and customized

4. Component method: this method can be regarded as the change of quartering method, which maximizes the combination of materials and prices




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