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After saving for several years, I finally bought a suite in Xishan phase II. LG and I want to decorate it well. We don't look at people when watching TVB dramas, so we stare at other people's rooms. We like this and that, but when we look back and weigh our pockets, we can't help feeling sad

after saving for several years, we finally bought a suite in Xishan phase II. LG and I want to decorate it well. We don't look at people when watching TVB dramas, so we stare at other people's rooms. We like this and that, but as soon as we look back and weigh our pockets, we can't help feeling sad

fortunately, the group purchase of building materials in Shenzhen has been very popular in recent years. The price of the same thing is quite different between going to the building materials city and going to the group purchase meeting. It is our basic national policy to spend a small amount of money to do big things, so since I began to decorate, I have been going through various group buying meetings to find bargains. It's time to buy a water heater

in other words, it happened on the 6th and 20th. In order to buy enough affordable and quality guaranteed water heaters, I went to several group purchase meetings organized by different companies. After a round, I had a bottom in my heart. I'm interested in gq-1650fe water heater with energy rate. It's 16L, intelligent constant temperature and strong discharge, and the water output is very large. I'm very satisfied. I asked a group buying merchant and learned that the price was 2600 yuan

I have also visited the building materials City before, and I know that this water heater is selling for more than 3K outside. Such a big price difference is unexpected, but this group purchase website, I always feel that it is not formal enough. Worried about after-sales, I decided to compare it again and go to the group purchase meeting

Qijia's group purchase of building materials was also able to sell this model of water heater, but when asked about the price, 2700, it was actually 100 yuan more expensive

I admit that you are more honest than others in group buying. I am more willing to buy things from your family, but you can't charge 100 for exactly the same things! At that time, I had a theory with the merchants. Why do the same goods of the same merchant have different prices at group purchase meetings of different sponsors? To tell the truth, before questioning, I was already angry and ready to work hard. I didn't expect that the merchant had a surprisingly good attitude. After hearing this, I immediately agreed and sold it to me at 2600

at that time, I didn't think there was anything wrong. I was pretty at heart, but the more I thought about it after I went home, the more wrong it became: is this business too unprincipled? I asked, and he reduced the price for me. What if I didn't ask? Don't you want to spend more than 100 yuan for nothing? I know it's hard during the same period of decoration, and I often go to Qijia's forum to bubble. I sympathize with each other. I should also seek benefits for them! What's more, with the same business, how can you be two faced and price at will

it is said that the merchants who enter the group purchase meeting of Qijia will pay the quality assurance deposit. In case of problems after sales, Qijia will take this money to compensate the decoration owner first. This is originally a good thing. Qijia is really thinking of netizens, but what about the merchants? Did you share this account with us? I'm also a senior person in group buying and shopping. I know that such casual price setting behavior as businesses is not allowed

is it tolerable or intolerable! On July 1, I reported the price to Shenzhen station and explained the price offered by merchants privately and the price lower than that made by merchants on other websites one by one

it seems that I went to verify this matter on the same day, because the next day, that is, July 2, I received a reply from the Qi family: my price report was successful. They thanked me for the information provided and would give me a cash reward of 100 yuan at the group purchase meeting on July 18. At the same time, they also told me that the merchants should be punished. In addition, on July 18, including all those who bought this water heater before, as long as they have not been delivered and installed, they all sell it at the price of 2600, plus a Zhuo Lang electric kettle. Gome sells this hot kettle for more than 100 yuan

I'm very happy. The most gratifying thing for me is not that I got a cash reward, but that I was very grateful for the speed of response and handling of this report. When something went wrong, the whole family did not shirk or evade, but actively investigated and solved it. They were not trying to appease me alone, but gave such a handling result, and they were indeed responsible for other netizens like me. The electric kettle said it was expensive, but it showed their sincerity and apology to netizens

after this battle, the charm value of Qi family has been upgraded to full scale in my heart. There are a lot of materials to buy after water and electricity. I think I will choose Qijia first. Of course, I still want to visit other group purchase meetings. If I catch similar problems again, I can make contributions again





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