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European furniture has always attracted the masses with its elegant and atmospheric image, and has been favored and welcomed by consumers in recent years, and European cabinets of a kind of style are no exception. When you buy a wardrobe, European style cabinets are a good choice. Today, I will briefly introduce to you the style of European style cabinets and the relevant contents of the characteristics and advantages of European style cabinets, hoping to help you

style of European style cabinet

1. European style pastoral style

nowadays, under some modern high-tech, European style cabinet has become more rich and meaningful, and some coating textures on the cabinet body are also very stable and delicate. European furniture is often luxurious and complex, focusing on the performance of Europe's unique cultural heritage, advocating the beauty of simple and lively lines and generous and appropriate decoration, plus the belief of the supremacy of details affected by traditional handicrafts

2. Simple European style

in fact, the design and decoration of simple European style cabinets are not too cumbersome. Most of them use the most common monotonous lines, as well as some natural solid wood textures to integrate skillfully. This style is actually the inheritance and continuation of European classical style, which is similar to American style. Although the simple European style cabinet follows the gorgeous tradition of European style, it pays more attention to the pursuit of practicality and comfort of the cabinet, which is more in line with the needs of modern home life

3. European neoclassical

the European cabinet of this style mainly integrates personal style, modern spirit and classical style, which makes the European cabinet reflect more unique and fresh features. Although European neo classical cabinets have classical curves and curved surfaces, they abandon classical carvings and mostly use the straight lines commonly used in modern cabinets. The main colors are bright yellow and crimson, and a small amount of white is distributed, which makes the cabinet look generous and beautiful as a whole, and the whole home space also gives people an extraordinary bearing

characteristics and advantages of European style cabinets

1. The level and pattern of European style cabinets in design are designed based on geometric aesthetics, which will give people a feeling of neatness after placing things in use, and it is very convenient to pack clothes. There is another advantage. The partition of European style cabinets can be split freely, which is convenient for everyone to design independent wardrobes, especially open wardrobes, which are generally professionally customized. It can be installed according to the size of the room. Generally, the open type wardrobe takes up a small area, giving people a sense of atmosphere and luxury

2. Generally speaking, European cabinets have more embedded types, so the style of cabinets can be coordinated with the style of bedrooms. And it also has a different feature from other cabinets, that is, it can have a stronger home color, and can not be separated from the bedroom alone. European cabinets are generally specially customized, because they need to be installed according to the size of the room, and the open European cabinets need to occupy a large area. But it can give people a sense of prosperity, and the requirements for material quality are also very high, so the relative cost will not be very cheap

the above contents about the style of European cabinets, as well as the characteristics and advantages of European cabinets are introduced here. I hope these are helpful to you. If there is still something you don't understand, you can follow more news. If you want to know more about this, please keep following our website





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