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Recently, at the junction of Guangfo road and Lianhe Road, the owner of Fuxuan Yijia flagship store opposite Kowloon Park has defended his rights. According to the eyewitness at that time, the owners of Greenland Xiangsong at the scene were excited, their eyes were red, their neck muscles were prominent, and they were hoarse... So what terrible event happened that made the owners so out of control? Is the owner of Greenland Xiangsong deceived? Or is there something wrong with the decoration project of Fuxuan Yijia? Or what? Now resume the trial

(2018) Yue XXX

party information:

court time: October 13-14, 2018

court place: Fuxuan Yijia headquarters at the junction of Guangfo road and Lianhe road

appellant (plaintiff): Dali Greenland Xiangsong owner

appellee (defendant): all employees of Fuxuan Yijia

adjudicator: the majority of owners

adjudicator found the facts:

on the morning of October 13, 2018 at about 8 o'clock, Until around 6 p.m. on October 14, 2018. Fuxuan Yijia Guangfo flagship store held a special event for Dali Greenland Xiangsong owners' home decoration. The specific discounts are as follows:

Greenland Xiangsong owners enjoy exclusive discounts

① a good gift: a small gift upon arrival at the store

② a good gift: sign in and smash golden eggs, 100% win the prize

③ a good gift: sign the bill and send a 55 inch brand TV

owner Description:

Mr. Huang, Greenland Xiangsong owner who learned the information from the Internet, Immediately arrive at the scene on the day of the event. According to his description, he has been shocked by fuxuanyi home, which covers an area of 12000 square meters, and it is very different from the decoration companies he compared with before. There is a super large parking lot nearby for free, and you can stay as long as you want

when the automatic door opened, Mr. Huang entered the Fuxuan Yijia building, and the friendly shopping guide sister immediately greeted him. Mr. Huang recalled that the warm and beautiful little sister politely asked me about the decoration. Because fuxuanyi's family has a residence in Greenland Xiangsong community, and the room measurement is free of any cost, Mr. Huang has measured the room before

Mr. Huang, who has compared the quotations of several decoration companies and considered several sets of design schemes, does not believe that Fuxuan Yijia can have this preferential strength at all. He ignored the question of the shopping guide, but said, are you cheating? Such a good design, this price, and then there is this discount, is it impossible? Since I am here today, if you don't give me a reasonable reply, I will go to the consumer association to protect my rights

the prize reflected by the owner

the merchant explained:

Mr. Li, the person in charge of Fuxuan Yijia who learned the situation, attached great importance to it. He took shopping guides, budgets and designers to meet Mr. Huang. And patiently introduced to Mr. Huang that in order to celebrate that Greenland Xiangsong has become the first hot decoration community of Fuxuan Yijia. The company planned this preferential activity. In order to give back the support of the majority of owners, there is no element of fraud

president Li said that this activity was a concession on the usual sales price. Fuxuan Yijia has been serving the owners with enthusiasm and professional professionalism, and has been widely praised in the home decoration circle. Adhere to the concept of green home decoration and environmental protection first. Implement European water and electricity standards, adopt top brand products in the industry, and conduct strict acceptance inspection. Establish a brand with quality and service

judgment of the owner:

the owner who participated in this activity believes that this case is a subjective feeling dispute. The focus of this case is that if the owner feels at home when he comes to Fuxuan Yijia and enjoys the relevant discounts, all doubts will be eliminated and he will choose Fuxuan Yijia when decorating

the truth is that as an efficient operation team, each employee of Fuxuan Yijia treats each customer with high seriousness, responsibility, enthusiasm, initiative, and meticulous consideration. Starting from the contact room measurement, the staff of Fuxuan Yijia will measure the room according to the real use area, and it is forbidden to add additional charges for the shared area. Emphasize the practicality and dominance of the design, the subjective will of the owner and the professional opinions of the designer, which complement each other, and try our best to restore the owner's expectations for home. European construction standards, whole process construction supervision, completion acceptance rules, so that the owner has no future

final result:

under the patient and polite explanation of the staff of Fuxuan Yijia, Mr. Huang decided to choose Fuxuan Yijia to decorate his new home. Fuxuan Yijia said that the trust of consumers has given enterprises greater responsibility and mission. All staff of Fuxuan Yijia shall perform their respective responsibilities to provide greater support and protection to the owner. Thirdly, we also welcome the owners to supervise us. Once there are problems in service or construction, we will actively cooperate to dispel the owners' doubts. Truly regard the consumers who enter our Fuxuan Yijia flagship store as "God"

all owners who have dispelled their concerns have made wise choices

the group design director controls the design scheme

design effect drawing

· sign · order · present · field ·

Miss Li of maple leaf Residence: the shopping guides of Fuxuan Yijia are warm and polite, and the designers are professional and humorous, so it's easy to talk together. The first time I came here, I was stunned. The boss of such a large packaged company building is certainly not an ordinary person. If you are satisfied with the budget design, the cooperation will be successful

Mrs. Chen, Xiangsong of Greenland: I saw this activity held by fuxuanyi's family in the community. Your professional and polite spirit moved me. The designer of the measuring room is also very professional and careful, and he is very careful about my feelings. He has been asking me what I want to make my home look like. Today's event, the discount is very strong. I compared the prices, services and processes of several decoration companies. Decided to choose your family

Mr./Mrs. Zhang in Vanke golden field: after seeing many decoration companies, I picked and picked, and finally I really flashed. I received a call from the little sister of fuxuanyi's family this weekend. It's very favorable to say that there is an activity decoration, because the room has been measured before. So I chose to have a look. Get on the special bus they sent and it will arrive soon. As soon as I entered the door, I was shocked by the scale of Fuxuan Yijia. After less than 2 hours of discussion, they happily agreed to cooperate. I believe in my own vision

other owners




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