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Introduction: the decoration of a clothing store is like a person's dress. A good decoration will leave a good first impression on customers, attract customers to stop and even enter the store, so as to promote sales. So, how can the clothing owner do a good job in the decoration of the clothing store? Here are some super practical decoration skills for you

facade decoration: you can make some special decoration suitable for your own style according to the surrounding environment. Generally, a landing window should be set on the facade, and several models should be placed so that people can see it at a glance from the outside

store layout: try to be simple and refreshing. The clothes hanging on the wall are basically the recommended clothes of this season. Empty shelves are placed and clothes are hung. If the space is not large, the shelf can be replaced by a glass table in the middle

lighting layout: clothing stores are very particular about lighting effects. Generally, two types of lamps need to be purchased in stores: warm lamps and spotlights. The light from the warm lamp is warm and warm, and will not change the color of clothes. It is suitable for lighting clothes; The light reflected by the spotlight is dazzling and beautiful, which can make the whole store bright, but it will make the clothing color deviation, so it is not suitable to put it in the fitting room or in front of the fitting mirror. Take a 70 square meter store as an example, 20 warm lamps (about 40 watts each) and 16 spotlights need to be purchased

clothes hangers: there are many kinds of clothes hangers to choose from, such as ordinary clothes hangers, rattan clothes hangers, sitting clothes hangers and iron clothes hangers. Attention when hanging: sweaters or sweaters are best hung on sitting hangers. Never use iron hangers, otherwise the shoulders of clothes will be out of shape

packing case: don't stack all kinds of clothes in the room at will, which will make the store look messy. It's best to buy some plastic packing cases to put clothes

air conditioner: equipped with an air conditioner, so that customers will not be affected by the temperature when fitting in summer or winter

by the way, attention should be paid to the decoration time: generally, February and July of each year are the off-season of sales. Merchants preparing to open stores had better choose to decorate in the off-season. As soon as the decoration is over, it will catch up with the peak sales season, which is conducive to making the first shot




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