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China's fuel cell industry is constantly advancing on the road of independent core technology development

Preface: in recent years, the domestic fuel cell industry has made significant development, such as Xinyuan power, Dongfang Electric, Edelman hydrogen, Zhongyu power, Shanghai Shenli, Jiangsu qingneng, Jiangsu hydrogen power, hydrogen Pu, Versailles, tomorrow hydrogen power and other enterprise stack technologies have made considerable progress

at this stage, the domestic stack market is still dominated by foreign enterprises, with a large gap between domestic and foreign enterprises. In this case, it is understandable to trade the market for technology, and we should also thank the domestic enterprises that have invested heavily in introducing advanced technology

however, even if the current situation is so, localization is still an inevitable trend -

in recent years, the domestic fuel cell industry has made significant development, such as the stack technology of Xinyuan power, Dongfang Electric, Edelman hydrogen, Zhongyu power, Shanghai Shenli, Jiangsu qingneng, Jiangsu hydrogen power, hydrogen Pu, Versailles, tomorrow hydrogen energy and other enterprises have made considerable progress

Xinyuan power

Xinyuan Power Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is the vice chairman unit of the national fuel cell technology standard formulation and the construction unit of the "National Engineering Research Center for fuel cell and hydrogen source technology", and has preliminarily completed the industrialization layout and the capacity construction of 15000kw/year

in May, 2018, new source power selected Gore company of the United States as the core cooperative supplier of proton exchange membrane for hymod-300 vehicle fuel cell stack of new source power. The 5000 hour durability test verification of vehicle fuel cell stack was completed in the United States, and the low-temperature start-up of the stack at -10 ℃ and hydrogen storage at -40 ℃ were also realized

Dongfang Electric

after nearly 7 years of independent innovation and technology accumulation in the field of fuel cells, Dongfang Electric has mastered a full set of key technologies from core components to stack design and system control and integration

launched in-depth cooperation with Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd. in August 2016. The two sides gave full play to their respective advantages and successfully developed hydrogen fuel cell buses that meet the national subsidy policy after a year of hard research

in October 2017, the hydrogen fuel cell city bus jointly developed by Dongfang Electric and Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd. was officially launched

Edelman hydrogen energy

Edelman hydrogen energy equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces metal electrode plates, membrane electrodes, fuel cells, and core components of fuel cell systems

through cooperation with Germany and continuous innovation, Edelman hydrogen has built the first metal electrode plate fuel cell production line in China, producing 30kW, 35kw, 40kW and 45KW stacks, which has reached the production capacity of 2000 sets/year. With professional design, development and production capacity of bipolar plates, membrane electrodes, systems and core components, and master the core process and technology of fuel cell metal plate surface coating and membrane electrode production, the products have reached and exceeded national standards and DOE standards

Edelman hydrogen has cooperated with Dongfeng Motor to produce 7.5 ton logistics vehicles and refrigerated vehicles, with a endurance of 400 kilometers and a hydrogen consumption of 3 kg/100 km

in May 2018, Foshan municipal government and Edelman hydrogen energy officially signed a project investment agreement to build a hydrogen fuel cell and powertrain production base, with a planned investment of 3 billion yuan and an annual capacity of 80000 hydrogen fuel cells

Zhongyu power

Zhongyu power was founded in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone in June 2011. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales of fuel cell power systems. The company designs and manufactures its own air-cooled and water-cooled stack products, with power ranging from 20W to 100kW

in February 2012, Zhongyu power developed two technology platforms based on water-cooled and air-cooled proton exchange membrane fuel cells

in August 2013, Zhongyu power launched the first generation of fuel cell backup power system

in 2017, suggestions were also made on the extension of the warranty period of polypropylene and the establishment of a loading point inspection record form. In November, the fuel cell power system for Zhongyu power vehicle passed the verification of the sample vehicle and has been ready for commercialization

in May 2018, the power system of Zhongyu power vehicle passed the compulsory inspection of the national testing center, and passed the first high and low temperature storage subsidy test from minus 40 ℃ to above 60 ℃ nationwide

in November 2018, Zhongyu power participated in the second China (Foshan) International hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology and product promotion conference, and exhibited the independently developed liquid cooled Gl2 fuel cell stack module, ML2 fuel cell stack module, and tw4500 fuel cell engine for the first time

ml2 fuel cell stack module, with expandable power output from 10kW to 50KW, is used as a core power generation module in fuel cell city buses, medium/heavy urban logistics vehicles and other fields

gl2 fuel cell stack module, which has the control function of starting module, can expand the power output from 10kW to 40kW. As a core power generation module, it can be used in the field of fuel cell commercial vehicles, as well as in the fields of standby power supply, distributed micro electricity and so on

Shanghai Shenli

Shanghai Shenli Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. As of the end of 2016, Shenli technology has been authorized 317 patents, including 135 invention patents and 4 U.S. patents. It has taken the lead in drafting and participating in the formulation of national standards for fuel cells, 22 of which have been promulgated and implemented, and 4 of which have been registered trademarks

in 2015, Shenli technology became the holding subsidiary of Beijing yihuatong Technology Co., Ltd., ushering in new development opportunities

sl-c series water-cooled proton exchange membrane fuel cell stacks independently developed by Shenli technology can be customized flexibly and pertinently according to the power requirements of customers. This series of stacks is a product with completely independent intellectual property rights, which can be easily applied to passenger cars, logistics vehicles, passenger cars, standby power supply and other fields

at present, Shenli technology has successfully developed fuel cell new energy vehicles in cooperation with SAIC Group, Shanghai Volkswagen, Zhengzhou Yutong, BAIC Foton, Zhongtong bus, CRRC, Shanghai Shenlong, Suzhou Jinlong, Chery, Great Wall Motor and other domestic well-known vehicle manufacturers, and has successfully demonstrated and operated in Beijing, Shanghai, California, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries and regions

Jiangsu qingneng

Jiangsu qingneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is an enterprise dedicated to the R & D, production and sales of fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems

the fuel cell stack of Jiangsu qingneng mainly adopts the internationally advanced proton exchange membrane technology. At present, the main products include air-cooled fuel cell stack and water-cooled fuel cell stack

the company's core products fuel cell stacks include H-series stacks (such as H-12, h-20, h-30, H-100, h-200, H-300, h-500, h-1000, H-2000, H-3000 and H-5000), T-series and XP series. Fuel cell system mainly includes MFC mini (below 100W), MFC (100w-200w), MFC (above 1kW); Rfc-120 series; Vl30kw series of fuel cell system for electric vehicles, etc

Jiangsu hydrogen power

Jiangsu hydrogen power new energy Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of fuel cells. At present, it has realized the industrialization of the main raw materials and core components of fuel cells. The engineering technology center of the company has complete fuel cell raw material development and testing equipment

at present, the company has applied for 27 invention patents and 23 utility models, including 21 invention patents and 23 utility models. Through independent innovation, all products of the company have core intellectual property rights

Founded in 2010, Beijing Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R & D and industrialization of water-cooled fuel cells and methanol hydrogen production technology. It is one of the few fuel cell manufacturers with independent intellectual property rights and industrialization technology of core technology, and has dozens of invention patents and confidential technologies for fuel cell stacks and production lines

hydrogen Pu Chuang Neng's water-cooled fuel cell technology has reached the world-class level, and its products include graphite plate, composite plate and metal plate stack

in addition, hydrogen Pu Chuang Neng has led the development of the first automatic production line of stack with independent intellectual property rights in the domestic industry, which has greatly improved the product quality and consistency. Through automatic production, the production line reduces the procurement links and labor costs, and greatly reduces the production cost of the stack. The annual output value of the stack can reach 60MW

from 2010 to 203 In the course of the experiment, some dust will inevitably be generated. In the past 12 years, hydrogen Pu Chuang Neng has completed the first generation of methanol hydrogen production and the research and development of fuel cell stacks

in 2014, the second generation core components of hydrogen Pu Chuang Neng were successfully developed, the production of electric stacks was partially automated, and the testing of the first fuel cell vehicle was successfully completed

in 2015, hydrogen Pu Chuang Neng successfully developed the first generation of fuel cell controller. And completed the on-board application upgrading of fuel cell products

in 2016, hydrogen Pu Chuang Neng developed the third generation of water-cooled stacks and began the deployment of automated stack production lines

in 2017, hydrogen Pu Chuang Neng built China's first automatic production line of electric stacks with independent intellectual property rights, and successfully developed the first generation of metal plate electric stacks in the same year

in 2018, hydrogen Pu Chuang Neng began to develop high-power density metal plate stacks suitable for vehicle mounted 100kW and above

Versailles energy

Versailles energy has formed two product development platforms for vehicle fuel cells and fixed power supply systems, and three product series of fuel cell modules, vehicle fuel cell engines, and fixed fuel cell power supplies. It is a national high-tech enterprise that masters the core technology of hydrogen fuel cells and has the ability to provide comprehensive energy and gas solutions

in 2009, Versailles successfully developed the first small and medium-sized power compact stack for vehicles. In the same year, the first domestic self-developed fuel cell backup power supply for communication was successfully developed, and the core material for insulation should also be selected from the laboratory prototype of flame-retardant B1 materials

in 2010, Versailles will serve the 200 day demonstration operation of Shanghai WorldExpo and Guangzhou Asian Games with 200 + sets of vehicle electric stacks, with a total operating mileage of 579000 km and a maximum operating mileage of 9736km per vehicle

in 2011, Versailles energy successfully developed the world's (domestic) first 30kW fuel cell emergency power generation vehicle for communication

in 2012, 10 sets of fuel cell backup power supplies of Versailles were put into operation

in 2013, Versailles put into production its first bipolar automatic production line in China

in 2015, Versailles was successfully listed on the new third board, and built the country's largest fuel cell backup power operation network, with 120 + sets of equipment in operation

in 2016, Weichai took a stake in Versailles, whose 25kW fuel cell engine passed the national announcement test

in 2017, Versailles' 30kW fuel cell engine products passed the announcement and were successfully applied to Yaxing bus, Shaanxi heavy truck sprinkler and Ankai Zhongba. With the substantial improvement of new energy vehicles in the fields of household vehicles, official vehicles, logistics vehicles and bus, etc

tomorrow hydrogen energy

Anhui tomorrow Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2017. The company has built (partially under construction) a research and development and manufacturing base for fuel cell systems, with key core technologies of the whole industry chain, such as bipolar plates, mea, stacks, compressors, hydrogen circulation devices, and fuel cell system integration and control

hydrogen energy tomorrow relies on proton membrane fuel from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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