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Lower fuel consumption and less cost Yuchai engine "slimming down" record

lower fuel consumption and less cost Yuchai engine "slimming down" record

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"slimming down" is the pursuit of many beauty loving women, which is well known. But have you ever heard of a cold engine, which is also trying to "slim down"? Presumably, many people don't know much about this. Maybe they haven't heard of the accurate determination of the tensile strain hardening index (n value) of sheet metal and strip at all

does the engine also love beauty? There is no doubt that the appearance, shape and structure of the engine will consider the strict requirements of customers for beauty. But the engine "slimming down" here is not the same thing as the pursuit of beauty. After all, the engine does not attract users by its beautiful appearance. Eyeball economy is not feasible in the engine industry

"I'm thin and proud. I save cloth for the country." This is a joke of thin people, but it shows a truth that it is important to save raw materials and costs. For Yuchai, the "downsizing" of the engine can effectively reduce the consumption of raw materials and reduce the production cost of the enterprise; For users loyal to Yuchai products, if the engine is "slimmed down", the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle will be reduced, the operating costs will be reduced, and more money will be made. At the same time, engine lightweight is also an important means of energy conservation and environmental protection

this principle is easy to understand, but it is not easy to "slim down" the engine. According to relevant experts, compared with the weight reduction of the whole vehicle, the lightweight requirements of the engine are higher and it is more difficult to implement

Chen Jinyuan, President of Yuchai technician Association and science and Technology Association, introduced that engine lightweight is a complex system engineering, which involves talents, design, manufacturing, technology, materials and other aspects

not only that, there are many engine parts, especially the emission upgrading. The engine adds some necessary external accessories. Each additional component increases the self weight of the engine. Therefore, it can be said that the "downsizing" of Yuchai engine is related to the core interests of Yuchai, its suppliers and customers

make the structure better

it is difficult to "reshape" the engine from the structure, because any change will affect the whole body. Nevertheless, in order to achieve the goal of lightweight and enhance product competitiveness, the necessary structural optimization has been achieved with the efforts of R & D personnel

Tan Dahui, vice president of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute, said that starting with structural optimization, the weight reduction of yc6l cylinder head is typical. By optimizing the design, we reduce the contact surface of the cylinder head, so as to reduce the machining area and realize the weight reduction effect

"for every minor change, we should do sufficient CAE calculation and analysis to ensure its stable performance." Tan Dahui emphasized

it is learned from the relevant technical personnel of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute that engine lightweight is Yuchai's continuous pursuit. This year, Yuchai will reduce the weight by removing the cylinder block reinforcing plate of yc6l, and its weight reduction effect is as high as about 23.4kg. Safety and stability are the factors that must be considered in engine lightweight. "We are doing bench durability test and vibration test on it." The technician added

on the basis of ensuring the performance of the casting, the miniaturization, thin-walled, hollow design of the casting structure and the removal of redundant parts are also effective ways to realize the lightweight of the engine

in order to save costs, the foundry has also listed casting weight reduction as the key work this year. The weight reduction effect of sand core in the second casting workshop is obvious. By optimizing the casting process and other methods, the weight of d30 body casting is reduced by 2 kg compared with the original weight. Don't underestimate these two kilograms of molten iron. According to the annual production outline of the factory, the cost saved by casting weight reduction is still considerable

"high end technology of high-strength ultra-thin body water jacket" is the latest achievement made by Chen Jinyuan and his manufacturing technology team. With this new technology, 2mm ultra-thin water jacket sand core can be made in the manufacturing technology department, and the inner wall of the cast body blank is smooth, free of sand sticking and sintering, and its technical level is directly catching up with Mercedes Benz and BMW

Chen Jinyuan is very confident about this. He said that the success of this technology has provided a new platform for Yuchai ultra-thin high-strength water jacket manufacturing technology. More importantly, he has trained an excellent team pursuing high-end technology. Researchers mainly studied the microstructure differences at different radial positions of the trial forgings of this disc

the lightweight means of engine structure include modular design of parts and components, lightweight of external accessories, finite element analysis of some parts, topology optimization, etc. Yuchai's Exploration on this road will continue

application of new materials

application of new materials is also an important way to reduce the dead weight of the engine. At present, the most prominent applications in this area are the application of high-strength materials and some light alloy materials

vermicular graphite cast iron is a kind of high-strength material. Its mechanical and physical properties and casting process properties are between gray cast iron and nodular cast iron. It is very suitable for manufacturing parts that require high strength and are required to bear thermal cycle load, such as cylinder block, cylinder head, etc

reducing the weight of individual parts is also an effective way to reduce the total weight of the engine. As the largest core part of the engine, the body accounts for a quarter of the total weight. Of course, the "slimming" of Yuchai engine should start with it

Chen Jinyuan said, "since January 2013, under the arrangement of Liang Qingyan, deputy general manager of Yuchai, the manufacturing technology department has actively carried out lightweight process tests for four types of airframes. Among them, the weight reduction of d2500 airframe we are doing is to replace the original gray cast iron with vermicular cast iron, which achieves the purpose of high strength, thin-walled and non decomposition at room temperature. Each casting can reduce the weight by 25 kg."

according to the current progress, the d2500 reduced weight version body mold has been completed and entered the trial mold verification stage. It is expected that small batch production will be available in September, and a large production capacity will be formed at the end of the year, laying a good foundation for the 4D model upgrade to country 4. According to the calculation, weight reduction can achieve a considerable amount of cost reduction. Chen Jinyuan said that they are working hard to achieve higher cost reduction goals

Chen Jinyuan has his own understanding of engine lightweight. He said, "our general requirement is high-intensity lightweight and the pursuit of 'two reductions and one guarantee'. 'two reductions' is to reduce weight and cost,' one guarantee 'is to ensure quality."

it is true that the engine lightweight is not to follow the trend, nor is it to cut corners and cut corners. There is no quality assurance. The product has no market at all, and in the end, it just lifts a rock and hits its own feet

in Yuchai, vermicular cast iron is only the tip of the iceberg in the application of new materials. Although cast iron has good rigidity and low cost, its large proportion also restricts the application of this material in the field of engine lightweight. In contrast, lightweight materials such as aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys will have greater application space in the future

in 2011, the test workshop of the manufacturing technology department was established. One of the tasks of Eastman's research and development of copolyester materials for infant hearing echo detection equipment is the test of the application of new aluminum alloy materials. Not long ago, Yanping, chairman of Yuchai Co., Ltd., visited the test workshop of the manufacturing technology department. Chen Jinyuan showed Yan Ping a technical achievement, which applied self-developed high-strength aluminum alloy materials and optimized the cylinder head structure. The aluminum alloy cylinder head of a V-type machine with high strength, toughness and lightweight was successfully developed. The finished weight of this aluminum alloy cylinder head is 15.6kg. Compared with the original cast iron cylinder head, the weight is reduced by 17.7kg, a decrease of 53.2%. After 30 cold and hot cycle impact tests, the aluminum alloy cylinder head blank has no cracks, and the tensile strength reaches the HT250 level, which can meet the needs of the engine. At present, the aluminum alloy cylinder head has entered the stage of test and verification

from the current successful cases of engine lightweight at home and abroad, the application effect of new materials is the most obvious. With the mastery of new materials and new casting technology, Yuchai engine "slimming" has taken another big step forward

"slimming" production is not wrong

although engine lightweight is the general trend, engine manufacturers will not blindly implement lightweight work without considering profits

which model to choose for lightweight treatment requires rigorous demonstration and risk assessment. On the one hand, enterprises should consider the benefits brought by lightweight. On the other hand, lightweight itself also needs the discussion and verification of R & D design, manufacturing technology, process, factories and other relevant departments

Chen Hongxing, chief of the technical department of the foundry, said that if we receive a task to lighten a casting, the first thing we need to do is to dissect the casting. This process is a bit like a doctor operating on a patient. Anatomy is to see the structure clearly and see where there is room for improvement. The improvement space of the theory still needs to be evaluated and verified. Only when this process is no problem can we trial produce, and then dissect, analyze and improve the trial produced castings until we achieve a satisfactory weight reduction effect. Make more than 30 castings first, no problem, and then hundreds of small batch production

of course, if this casting modification involved in engine lightweight occurs frequently in factory production, it is bound to affect normal production activities

"this problem can be solved!" Chen Jinyuan told the author that Yuchai's Moldless rapid manufacturing technology can just overcome this difficulty. By using the dieless rapid manufacturing technology, we can produce the castings we want without opening the mold, which saves both cost and time. This technology is particularly conducive to the trial production of new products and will not hinder the normal production of the factory. At present, this technology is at the leading level in China

"slimming" production is correct, which makes the lightweight road of Yuchai engine more comfortable

yc6l, yc6mk, yc6j, yc4d and other engines have started the road of lightweight. For Yuchai, there is a long way to go, and there are still many things to explore in the road of engine lightweight. This is just the beginning of a journey. In order to enhance the competitiveness of Yuchai engines, there will be more lightweight Yuchai machines coming to the market in the future

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