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Fudan Tianchen has developed T

the enterprise standards of four technical products, including t-ovd light angle color changing anti-counterfeiting logo, tear tape, transfer foil and card protection film, which are independently developed by Shanghai Fudan Tianchen New Technology Co., Ltd., have been filed with Shanghai Yangpu District Bureau of quality and technical supervision

the filing numbers are: t-ovd anti-counterfeiting logo b3110 (2003) 10

t-ovd anti-counterfeiting tear tape b312 October 2016 (2003) 11

t-ovd anti-counterfeiting transfer foil b3110 (2003) 12 the experimental methods are different. We also call them different experimental machines. If there is a need to replace the gasket,

t-ovd anti-counterfeiting card film b3110 (2003) 13

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