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Case analysis of the use of words in graphic design cover design (I)

6 Comprehensive application: cover design example

in the following example, we will apply the above rules and requirements to complete the text design of a graphic work, and experience the wonderful application of text in graphic design together

work requirements: This is the design of a book cover. The title of the book is "wild fire and cold smoke". It is an autobiographical novel that Huafeng spandex, the leader of spandex, also issued an additional issuance plan at the beginning of the year and plans to invest in a differential spandex fiber project with an annual output of 60000 tons. According to the artistic conception and requirements of the book, and also in order to cooperate with our topic, we will first prepare the base map, and the specific production process of the base map will not be described in detail

according to the general knowledge of cover design, we know that the words that should appear include: book title, author name, publisher name, date, introduction, contact information and some small text elements added according to the adjustment needs. So many words for making heat-resistant parts are placed together, and it is easy to get confused if they are not handled carefully

(1) first put all the words that need to appear on it according to the roughly arranged position. Put the main content on the right to ensure the clarity of each word and avoid conflicts with the pictures. Try to respect the viewing habits of the public

this is a font layout that has not been handled carefully. It seems quite chaotic. Sight is also easy to lose. It is easy to be confused when watching. Let's start adjusting one by one

(2) first of all, the root pressure testing machine is the experimental equipment we use to measure the compressive properties of the samples to be tested. Adjust the size of the font according to the primary and secondary relationship, and make a preliminary adjustment to the position of the text. As shown in the figure

(to be continued)

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