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Fuda insulation appeared at the sixth national near zero energy consumption building conference

Fuda insulation appeared at the sixth national near zero energy consumption building conference

it is difficult to meet the different needs of customers. November 29, 2019

from November 27 to 28, 2019, the sixth national near zero energy consumption building conference was held in Zhengzhou. The conference discussed the policy trend, standard system, cutting-edge exploration of technical system and other topics in the field of zero energy consumption buildings, Fuda insulation regularly checks whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source, and is invited to attend

Xu Wei, chief professional engineer of China Academy of Building Sciences and President of China Academy of environmental energy, said in his opening speech that ultra-low energy consumption buildings/near zero energy consumption buildings, as the development direction of future buildings, have gradually been widely recognized by all sectors of society, and have moved from monomer to large-scale promotion to zero energy consumption. The national standard "technical standard for near zero energy consumption buildings" has been officially implemented since September 1st, 2019, which will play an important role in promoting building energy conservation and emission reduction, improving the level of indoor environment, adjusting the structure of building energy consumption, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of building energy conservation industry

in the Forum on the theme of "fine construction" of the conference, Zhanjiang East Island has advantages over Singapore Free Trade Zone (Jurong Industrial Park) and Iskandar Free Trade Zone in Malaysia in terms of natural environment, cost, product sales, human resources, financial services and capital, Xiong Shaobo, deputy general manager of Fuda insulation, delivered a speech on the topic "thinking on the durability of external wall insulation system of ultra-low energy consumption buildings", He called on the industry to pay more attention to the durability of external wall thermal insulation in near flat tail hammer zero energy consumption buildings. He said that the high-quality external wall thermal insulation system can meet the long-term service function of the system under the load of humid and hot environment. Fuda thermal insulation has improved the professional skills of construction personnel by participating in the industry professional standards and formulating the professional skill standards for building external wall thermal insulation installers. He stressed that after professional design, Strictly control the technical performance indicators of each material in the system, and select high-quality materials, so as to improve the overall durability of the external wall external insulation system. During this period, Xiong Shaobo introduced the core products and application systems such as the external wall external insulation system of Fuda thermal insulation passive ultra-low energy consumption building

it is reported that Fuda insulation cooperates with Langsheng, Dow and other excellent enterprises to develop environmental friendly raw materials and produce new products such as environmental friendly high-strength XPS products without HBCD, dry floor heating, roof insulation bricks and so on. Fuda insulation always takes "creating more professional and excellent building energy-saving products" as its development goal, and is committed to the integrated supply of building energy-saving systems, becoming an excellent enterprise in the production and application of building energy-saving products in China

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