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Fuchs oil group released a new product line of new energy automotive fluids Fuchs bluev

Fuchs oil group released a new product line of new energy automotive fluids Fuchs bluev

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as a global lubricant company, Fuchs oil group released a product line specifically for new energy automotive fluids to expand its product portfolio. In the future, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) such as Fuchs BL integrates cost-effective processability and excellent polycarbonate adhesion. UeV will provide customers with a comprehensive product series (including lubricants, fluids, greases, etc.) required by new energy vehicles and related parts

new energy vehicles pose new major challenges to lubricants and greases. To this end, Fuchs will launch a diversified and comprehensive product series to respond. Fuchs bluev product line is preliminarily determined to be composed of three product categories: Fuchs bluev drivefluid - transmission oil required for electric and hybrid drive systems; Fuchs bluev motorgrease - motor grease specially designed for new energy vehicles; Fuchs bluev thermofluid - thermal management fluid required by new energy vehicles. Therefore, Flowserve can provide 360 degree, efficient and perfect solutions for lubrication, thermal management and parts protection of all parts of new energy vehicles

speech by Mr. zhuqingping, CEO of Flowserve China

"The development of new energy vehicles has brought major challenges to our customers in the automotive industry, which is the problem we need to help them solve. As a research and development partner of many high-end manufacturers in the automotive industry, we have excellent expertise and skills, and can maximize the needs of global and local customers. For future systems, such as the new combination of motors and gearboxes, whether they are equipped with recycled plastic granulator or not At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. With internal combustion engines, we have integrated more than 90 years of professional knowledge and experience to develop new lubrication solutions. " Stefan Fuchs, chairman of the board of directors, further stressed that the group is expected to become a reliable and innovative partner for customers in the field of new energy vehicles

Kris van Gasse, vice president of Flowserve China technology, presided over the meeting. Joerg Wehrle, vice president of global product management strategy, said: "the concept of 'product line' has created a new situation in Flowserve." He emphasized the importance of new energy vehicles to the group. "So far, we only operate through product brands. In the future, this new product line will cover all product groups, application fields and all products and solutions for new energy vehicles in the industry.

China future new energy technology forum and the world's first episode of Fuchs new energy vehicle oil

on August 27, 2020, Fuchs bluev product line held the future new energy vehicle technology forum in Suzhou, China And then gradually launched globally

Mannheim, August 27, 2020

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Flowserve released a new product line, which can perfectly fit the heat dissipation shell of LED lamps 360 degrees. The market demand is also rapidly climbing. The application demand of lubricating oil for all kinds of new energy vehicles, from lubrication to thermal management, to various special products such as protective coatings

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