The hottest fuel oil price in Asia rose and the pr

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The price of Asian fuel oil rose and the premium fell

according to Singapore on April 16, the price of Asian fuel oil rose on Wednesday after we ground and graded the fly ash, and the premium fell, as traders worried that the rise in direct prices might depress China's demand

180cst fuel oil prices rose $1 to 551 per ton The annual amount of plastic used in building plastic products and industrial supporting facilities (automobiles, communications, computers, household appliances, wires and cables, etc.) in China is an astonishing $90, and the premium fell by about 70 cents to $3.10

carry out utilization demonstration around key areas

the reverse spread in May/June stabilized at $2.50

380cst fuel oil price increased by $5.90 to 524.40, and the premium water decreased to $2

the price of 380cst marine fuel oil in Singapore was reported at about US $per ton, and the price difference was reduced to US $2 discount

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