The hottest fuel in Guinea rises again

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Guinean fuel prices rise again

according to several television stations, the market price of Guinean fuel has been adjusted again since March 1, with gasoline and diesel rising from 5000 Guinean francs to 6500 Guinean francs per liter, and kerosene used by ordinary people for lighting up from 5000 Guinean francs to 6000 Guinean francs per liter. This is the second price increase in angstron oil market in a month. The price is determined by the government and the trade union organization called "social movement"

according to our understanding from the Ministry of trade and industry of Guinea, this price adjustment is to further curb speculation in fuel oil. Fuel prices in neighboring countries are much higher than market prices, leading to rampant oil smuggling and frequent oil shortages in gas stations. In fact, when the price was adjusted in February, it was considered to adjust the price to the current level of cantilever impact testing machine test method, but at that time, the government and the trade union did not agree on the issue of supporting subsidies, and the price increase was not in place. In order to reduce the impact of rising fuel prices on society, several governments decided to raise the wage index of public officials by 50%, which will be implemented in two steps: the first step is to increase by 40% from March 1; An additional 10% will be added from July 1. The monthly transportation allowance is increased to 35000 Lang, and the housing allowance is increased to 35000 Lang/month. From April 1, the salary of retirees will be increased by 30%. With the rise of fuel prices, the prices of buses and taxis in several countries have soared, and the prices of other necessities with fast fuel return have also risen one after another

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