The hottest fuel oil of Guolian futures fluctuates

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Guolian Futures: fuel oil fluctuated at a high level, waiting for stronger momentum

external market overview: crude oil futures on the New York commercial Futures Exchange (NYMEX) hit a record high in volatile trading on Tuesday. After the capital injection of the Federal Reserve (FED), doubts about the long-term prospects of the dollar strengthened the technical side NYMEX April crude oil futures settled at a record high of $108.75 a barrel, up $0.85, or 0.79 percent Between 106 72, the latter was an intraday high, exceeding the high of 108.21 hit on Monday

brief description of internal Trading: today, more factories of Shanghai fuel oil will be established in the future. Supported by the continued breakthrough in the U.S. market, although there was a pattern of high opening and high going in the morning, the fear from the new high still dominated the whole day. Today's futures prices fluctuated lower under the combined effect of profit taking and high selling pressure, and closed at the low of the day. Today, the main 805 contract opened at 4341 yuan, with a minimum of 4297 yuan and a maximum of 4372 yuan, closing at 4316 yuan. Panasonic also developed a material modification technology to randomly align glass fibers to suppress warpage. 3 the domestic production capacity and technical demand for new chemical materials will be increasingly amplified by 9 yuan, with 65626 transactions and 2730 additional positions

market information: according to the statistical data of IMF and EIA, the daily export volume of crude oil of the United Arab Emirates was about 2.564 million barrels in 2006, and increased to 2.6 million barrels in 2007. It is expected that the oil export volume of the UAE will increase to nearly 2.7 million barrels per day in 2008. Due to the steady increase in energy production in the United Arab Emirates in recent years, the United Arab Emirates has developed into the third largest oil exporter in the world in 2006

operation suggestions: it is expected that the shock will increase, maintain the long thinking of the middle line, and roll along the trend

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