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Fuchen chemical was rated as a quality integrity and high-quality enterprise in Shanghai. The energy consumption per unit of industrial added value in petrochemical, electric power, building materials and other industries continued to fall. The list of quality integrity and high-quality enterprises in Shanghai was announced, and Shanghai Fuchen Chemical Co., Ltd. ranked first. As a quality integrity enterprise over the years, since its establishment, Shanghai Fuchen company has been committed to promoting the technological progress of the industry, actively assuming the main body of the society, especially the enterprise, protecting the rights and interests of consumers, and carrying out micro injection molding of new biomedical polymer matrix nanocomposites

at the fourth and fifth member congress of Shanghai chemical building materials and Coatings Association held at the same time, Shanghai Fuchen company was also elected as the vice president unit of the architectural coatings branch, and ye Rongsen, assistant general manager, was elected as the vice president of the architectural coatings branch

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