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Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Lighting Society: the era of industrial change is coming, and the prospect of the lighting industry is expected.

in recent years, the cultural tourism industry has been booming, and behind it is the lighting market with a scale of hundreds of billions

recently, Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Lighting society, said in an interview with securities that the lighting industry has achieved rapid development since 2013. After the G20 summit in Hangzhou and the BRICs summit in Xiamen, he adopted this kind of waste utilization method, it has ushered in explosive growth. The beautiful night scene displayed during a series of home diplomatic activities is impressive. The demonstration effect of urban landscape lighting in international large-scale activities has attracted the attention of governments at all levels

Dou Linping believes that at present, urban landscape lighting is expanding from the central city to the second and third tier cities. Under the background of the national strategy of vigorously promoting beautiful China and vigorously building characteristic towns, landscape lighting plays an important role in shaping the cultural image of the city and creating a characteristic culture, tourism and night tourism economy. The rapid development of urban landscape lighting has led to the improvement of professional design, construction and outdoor manufacturers in the lighting industry, and has become an important growth point of the lighting industry. In the future, the development of the industry will have higher and higher requirements and standards for enterprises

according to the data of the LED Institute of higher industry and Research (GGII), benefiting from the policy promotion support of various countries or regions around the world, the scale of the landscape lighting market continues to increase. China has become the largest landscape lighting market in the world, and the industry scale is expected to reach nearly 100billion yuan in 2020

in this regard, Dou Linping said that with the rapid development of urbanization and consumption upgrading, people's living standards are constantly improving, and residents' requirements for urban quality are also constantly improving. Urban landscape lighting is closely related to urban economy, culture and natural factors, and plays a vital role in shaping the overall image of the city. Lighting engineering helps to improve the sense of gain, happiness and security of urban residents. It is an important carrier of urban culture, and can effectively display and disseminate local culture to the public through lighting and stage effects

in recent years, the night tour economy has developed rapidly and the local investment power is sufficient. This material in the city has been developed as a transfer system in the infusion system. The peak night tour economy has become an important branch direction of urban construction and development, and people's night activities have increased the demand for urban landscape lighting. With the increase of demand, urban landscape lighting will be normalized and gradually incorporated into the urban infrastructure, which will contribute to the sustainable development of urban landscape lighting construction

according to the survey on the market development model of China's night tourism industry released by Zhiyan consulting, in recent years, American residents have spent 1/3 of their time, 1/3 of their income, and 1/3 of their land area for leisure, of which more than 60% of leisure activities are at night. In China, the peak passenger flow of more than 1million people in Beijing is in the night market. The night commercial sales in Shanghai account for 50% of the day. More than 2/3 of the catering turnover in Chongqing is achieved at night. 55% of the output value of Guangzhou's service industry comes from the night economy. A city with a permanent and floating population of 3million, assuming that 10% of the people spend night trips every day, assuming that the per capita consumption is 30 yuan, there is a large market of 9million yuan in China every night, and the annual income can reach 3billion yuan

the night tour has considerable economic benefits and great potential, which has attracted the attention of more and more local governments. The willingness to invest has been strengthened, and the relevant investment has increased rapidly. Because of this, the lighting engineering industry has received more and more attention, and has put forward higher and higher requirements and standards for the industry itself. The era of industry reform has quietly arrived

Dou Linping believes that at present, China has become a world leader in lighting engineering. In recent years, many lighting engineering projects have won important awards internationally. Many excellent lighting enterprises have participated in major national events or undertaken national strategic projects, such as APEC in Beijing, Boao Forum for Asia, Hangzhou G20, Xiamen BRICs summit, SCO Qingdao summit, Shenzhen reform and opening up commemorative activities China entry Expo, ICIF, Beijing new airport, etc. These projects have strict requirements on the implementation quality of lighting projects in China, which highlights the strength of lighting enterprises in China

in his view, the lighting industry has broad prospects, good enterprises will have better development and harvest, and those enterprises that lack competitiveness will also face elimination

it is understood that not all enterprises can undertake national strategic projects. They have certain qualification access standards in the lighting industry, and they need to have double-A qualification to be selected

with the improvement of market scale and requirements, the turnover of lighting engineering enterprises with double-A qualification has increased rapidly. Especially after 2015, the annual turnover has gradually increased from less than 200million yuan in the past to 1billion yuan. National strategic projects and key projects in various regions have been increasing, forming the first tier in the field of lighting engineering, such as,, Halsey, etc

through understanding, it can be found that the listed masters Huihe and lyade have the advantages of brand and capital, and the haoersai, which is currently planning to land on the small and medium-sized board, also has its own characteristics. They have participated in the China Zun, the tallest building in Beijing, the Shanghai center, the Boao Forum for Asia, the Xiamen BRICs summit, the SCO Qingdao 12, and the upper and lower platens size: φ 160mm (alternative 204 × 204mm) summit, Shenzhen reform and opening-up commemorative activities, China Import and Export Fair, xiong'an new area and a large number of classic projects and the construction of national strategic key lighting projects

the industry believes that under the influence of national policies and industry development, it is a trend for lighting enterprises to enter the capital market. However, the most fundamental support of capital for Industry Development - the R & D support of products and technologies is not very obvious. With the continuous development of the industry, the increasingly mature and standardized competition, and the increasing attention of relevant national departments and industry institutions, capital will play a more positive role in the rapid development of the lighting industry

from 2019, major events and activities in major cities will provide a catalyst for the sustainable development of landscape lighting, and more industrial enterprises will realize the dual development of industrial capital in the future

"for lighting engineering enterprises, landing in the capital market in the form of IPO can help enterprises develop better and faster, which is also good for the healthy development of the industry and the development of the whole economy", Dou Linping said

in fact, in recent years, lighting enterprises have gradually expanded through the continuous introduction of capital. Most of them are production-oriented enterprises mainly engaged in lamp production or led business, which are listed independently through product advantages, such as,,, etc. However, only a few enterprises with lighting engineering as the main business have achieved independent listing, and only mingjiahui is the only lighting engineering company that has successfully listed through independent IPO

it is said that at present, there are more powerful lighting engineering companies in the industry that need to be developed urgently to feed back the research and development of industry products and technologies and improve the service quality of lighting engineering. It is believed that in the near future, there will be more and more independent listed enterprises focusing on lighting engineering

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