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The dual variable controlled atmosphere storage technology of apples was first proposed by researcher Liu Yu of Shanghai Institute of plant physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its advantage is that it does not require low temperature at the beginning of storage, and the temperature during storage can be reduced with the decrease of external natural temperature. The principle is: under higher temperature (10 ~ 15 ℃), the high carbon dioxide produced by respiration can inhibit the ripening and senescence of fruits, which is the same as the effect of low temperature, so high carbon dioxide can replace the effect of low temperature. High carbon dioxide concentration in the storage environment can improve the hardness of the fruit and keep the fruit green, but it is easy to cause carbon dioxide damage and browning of the fruit under low temperature conditions. The damage of this high carbon dioxide to apples includes damage to pulp and skin. The most sensitive part of pulp injury is the shoulder of the fruit, followed by the center line, which has potential injury and direct injury; Skin carbon dioxide damage is only direct damage. Therefore, in the low-temperature storage of the composition of the traditional automatic tensile testing machine system, if the concentration of carbon dioxide is increased, the possibility of fruit damage is great, and there is a great risk to be taken. Using double variable controlled atmosphere technology, without precooling, can overcome or weaken the damage of carbon dioxide to fruits under high temperature conditions, and give full play to the role of carbon dioxide in inhibiting the ripening and senescence of fruits. At the same time, with the decrease of temperature during storage, natural cold source is used to reduce the storage environment temperature, polyethylene or non-toxic PVC is used to make large curtains or small packages, or the permeability of silicone rubber window is used to control the corresponding change and decrease of carbon dioxide concentration, forming a double factor change of temperature and carbon dioxide. This kind of storage effect is better than cold storage, close to the standard modified atmosphere, and can save a lot of equipment, investment and operating costs, save energy consumption, simple operation, and significant economic benefits

at higher temperature (12 ℃) at the beginning of storage, less than 12% carbon dioxide and more than 5% oxygen can not effectively inhibit the ripening and senescence of fruits; Conversely, when carbon dioxide is higher than 16% and oxygen is lower than 2%, the increase of pulp hardness is quite limited, and will cause physiological diseases. Double variable gas regulation means that with the decrease of temperature, the concentration of carbon dioxide is adjusted from high to low

under the condition of temperature change in the northern soil kiln, the daily cleaning process of Jinan testing machine is divided into four stages: ① oxygen reduction stage. It is required that two days after storage, oxygen decreases to 2% - 4%, and carbon dioxide increases to 12% - 16%. ② High carbon dioxide hypoxia stage. The temperature is 8 ~ 12 ℃, and the gas composition must be carefully controlled within the required range. This stage lasts for 40 ~ 60 days. ③ Medium carbon dioxide stage. The temperature dropped to 4 ~ 6 ℃ and maintained for about 30 days. ④ Stable phase of gas composition. At this time, the storage temperature has fallen to 0 ℃. In the specific application of dual variable air conditioning, different varieties cannot fully adapt to this technology. Fuji Apple cannot use the above indicators. Moreover, in the later stage of storage, if carbon dioxide is lower than about 8% and oxygen concentration is higher than 8%, tiger skin disease will increase. Appropriately high carbon dioxide and hypoxia are important factors to control the occurrence of tiger skin disease. The response of golden crown apple to hypoxia is higher than that of high grade two, and its heat resistance is excellent - it can withstand high-temperature carbon oxide at 800~1000 ℃; But Jinguan is sensitive to hypoxia and hypercapnia. About 10% of the fruits stored under the conditions of 20% carbon dioxide and 3% oxygen for 14 days and 12% carbon dioxide and 1.5% oxygen for 10 days showed obvious epidermal browning in calyx pits. Using dual phase modified atmosphere (BIA) to store apples, the storage effect of Marshal line apples that are not resistant to storage can be better than 0 ℃ cold storage for 6 months

(source: pollution-free apple)

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