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To be a user's Doraemon, DSNs helped the construction of a foreign bank data center

many problems were encountered in the construction of the data center, but DSNs solved them one by one. It's like Dora A's treasure chest. You can have everything you want

it head of user bank

introduction: a foreign bank (hereinafter referred to as bank d) is one of the most powerful regional consortiums, and its business scope covers the entire regional sector and major countries around the world. In 2018, the CBRC approved the bank to prepare for the establishment of Shanghai Branch. According to the requirements of the CBRC, foreign banks need to set up data centers in China to carry out business. After the scheme recommendation and comparison of the third-party consulting company, the foreign-funded bank chose DSNs to provide it with a T4 level disaster recovery data center, which meets the reliability requirements of the bank's local disaster recovery and the needs of the supervision of the financial industry, and provides a more perfect guarantee for the future business development

I. solution

high standard disaster recovery data center: built according to tier4 standard, it adopts full redundancy design, and the power SLA reaches 99.995%

high quality network: double line export of the three major domestic operators, BGP automatic routing, anti DDoS attack protection

bcp disaster recovery agent service: high standard customized disaster recovery office space, and provide all-round BCM business continuity consulting and landing services

II. Success factors

7*24-hour rapid response local service to meet customer needs at the first time

studied in detail the energy, mass and momentum transfer in the process of carbon dioxide copolymerization.

accumulated many years of operation experience, and provided users with planning, design and consulting services for data center projects

highly compliant data center and it operation and maintenance qualifications to meet the needs of financial supervision

with the rapid development of the global digital economy and the continuous innovation of financial technology, banks are facing the digital transformation trend throughout the entire industry, and are facing the all-round digital transformation from services, channels, user experience, etc. These changes not only enhance the competitiveness of banks, but also make them face rising scientific and technological risks, which puts forward higher requirements for the safe, reliable and stable operation of bank data centers and the business continuity level of banks under small forces. The disaster recovery center is an indispensable part of the bank's anti risk ability

the first choice for foreign banks to land in China

with the imminent landing of Shanghai Branch, bank D hopes to strengthen the ability to resist and control disaster risks through the construction of disaster recovery center. When disaster events occur, the bank's services can be restored in time to minimize business losses

after the neutral recommendation of a third-party consulting company, we finally chose digital as our partner. On the one hand, this is because the high-level data center of digital provides sufficient support for banking business; On the other hand, D bank also values the years of operation experience of digital communications in the financial industry, which can provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of the project

for many years, the IDX data center of digital communications has become the first choice for foreign banks to land in China because of its high security, high availability and high reliability. The data communication IDX data center is built according to the highest level of T4. From power, refrigeration, networking to all subsystems, it adopts a single point of failure free design and is configured with sufficient redundancy to meet the high-quality requirements of foreign banks for the data center

in terms of network, DSNs Shanghai data center has realized the double-line export of three domestic operators, namely, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, and automatically routes based on BGP protocol to replace or instruct the service personnel of our company. When visitors browse the bank station, they will automatically select the fastest access line according to the actual situation, so that each user can achieve the best access speed. In addition, DSNs also provides banks with upgrading and deployment solutions from IPv4 to IPv6 to meet the needs of supervision and future technological development

in addition to ensuring the business continuity of IT system, bank d also hopes to obtain non it protection. For example, in case of a major disaster, the office space may also be destroyed, which requires a backup workplace to carry out business normally. To this end, digital communications provides high-specification customized disaster recovery office space and office seating services, adjacent to the data center hosting area, equipped with a full set of high-quality office facilities and shuttle services, so that customers can enjoy full office convenience

like Doraemon, lend a helping hand at any time

during the implementation of the project, the professional team service ability of digital communication has been unanimously recognized by customers. In the early stage, as the technical requirements are only described in the framework category, coupled with the requirements of the CBRC for the completion time limit, the whole time from the finalization of the scheme details to the implementation of the project is more urgent

the digital communication team has made the customer's needs meticulous and accurate, and formulated a detailed on-site implementation plan. From the location of the on-site cabinet, the direction of the bridge to the placement of the office seats, all provide professional planning suggestions for bank D, so that it can be easily expanded to meet the needs of the future development of the data center

in the process of on-site implementation, installation and commissioning, if there are problems, the operation and maintenance team will come to the site to solve them at the first time, and assist the customer to complete a series of work, such as mobilization, equipment on the shelf, equipment commissioning, line testing, etc

the response of the digital communication team is particularly timely, the service is very perfect, and it has rich experience in serving high-end users for a long time. It can meet almost any demand. At that time, the customer had two modules that could not be transported from overseas temporarily, so it took 2 or 3 months to borrow the equipment directly from the management team of digital IDX data center. One of the customer's switches can't be started, and digital messaging can also be provided immediately. Other small parts and tools such as screwdrivers, screws, nuts, cable ties, wires, etc. are readily available. After the completion of the project, D bank's presence in the factory "This is the first step we have taken in this direction. Foreign it is very satisfied. He commented: digital communications is like Dora A's treasure chest. It's incredible to have everything you want. I have worked in many data centers around the world, and the speed of digital communications is amazing, which makes me very impressed!

finally, with the joint efforts of customers, digital communications helped customers complete the construction and strengthening of VIP partitions according to the agreed time Weak current bridge installation, cabinet installation, cabinet PDU installation, video access control installation and a series of data center construction work. In addition to BCP disaster recovery office space, DSNs also provides customers with a full range of BCM consulting and landing services to assist them in formulating effective business continuity plans for potential crises and risk impacts

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