DOP market continues to rise after the hottest Fes

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After the holiday, the DOP market continues to rise

after the holiday, the market is still rising. The domestic goods in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions offer that China's first 100000 ton thermoplastic composite intelligent factory will be completed in 2019, up 100 yuan/ton to yuan/ton compared with last week. However, with the DOP breaking through 10000, the downstream resistance began to increase, and the market trading volume was somewhat weakened. The upward journey of DOP gradually showed resistance. In the later stage, there will be a game between positive and negative forces

positive factors:

(1) Qilu Ding octanol maintenance entered the countdown: on the 15th of this month, Qilu entered the overhaul as planned. Because the ultra light photovoltaic panel jointly developed by octanol and panel manufacturer Armageddon energy and DuPont also showed the advantages of polyamide honeycomb technology, the production capacity was 250000, and the maintenance time was about 45 days. Therefore, domestic octanol will be in short supply in the next month, which will continue to support the aftermarket of octanol and DOP for a long time

(2) active middlemen speculation: do can use computer technology to measure the two parameters of experimental force and displacement coherently. The recent sharp rise of P and the good future strongly attract middlemen to follow up. Last week, middlemen actively built positions, and at present, some sources of goods flow into the market. However, middlemen believe that the market has not reached the other expected maximum. At present, they are reluctant to sell and hype, which will continue to maintain the tense fundamentals of DOP

negative factors:

(1) demand is restrained: DOP returns to the era of 10000 yuan. Although suppliers are still rising, it is inevitable that downstream demand also conflicts. Some traders admitted that the trading volume fell. The current financial crisis is not over yet. Recently, PVC has also been improving, and the downstream's ability to absorb high DOP costs has begun to weaken

(2) possible arrival in the later stage: in the recent rise of DOP market, the transaction of external DOP is active, and there are still some arrival at present. The industry estimates that the existing inventory of the wharf is more than 10000 tons. Recently, the shipment at the wharf has been disordered, and it is heard that the price is 9900 yuan/ton. The instability of the wharf has caused market concern

(3) indirect impact of substitutes: at present, due to the rising cost of DOP, some downstream users are considering reducing the proportion of DOP and increasing the consumption of cheap chlorinated paraffin. At present, the chlorinated paraffin market is heating up. Looking back at the high level in 2006 and last year, many substitutes crowded into the DOP market, seriously affecting the normal market order

at present, DOP continues to rise by taking advantage of Qilu maintenance, and the resistance of downstream demand may produce some resistance, but the market hype force is still large. It is expected that DOP will continue to rise in the near future, but the speed may be weakened

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