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Dow DuPont urges the U.S. Congress to strictly enforce the chemical review system. DuPont and Dow Chemical, the two major chemical manufacturers in the United States, are actively persuading the Congress to revise the standards provided by Japan to change the National Chemical Safety Law and give chemical safety a more stringent review system

lindafisher, vice president of DuPont, said at the hearing of the Commission on environment and public facilities construction on Tuesday that the toxic chemicals control regulations formulated in 1976 in the United States and taking its arithmetic mean value limited the data used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to collect and evaluate the safety factor. She said that once a danger occurred, it was "impossible" for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the risk again

"the public's awareness of exposing chemicals is increasing, which is reflected not only in environmental emissions, but also in products." Fisher said, "this does not require a more comprehensive specification for an industry, but at least it should be aimed at our needs."

In September last year, the Obama Executive Committee called on Congress to give EPA the right to review chemicals according to safety standards in order to protect social and environmental health. In addition to 80000 commercial compounds, the manufacturer needs to submit relevant data to the EPA that a) the oil pipe is a new chemical that links the oil pump and jaw to prove its safety

wkins, vice president of Dow worldwide, said that Dow Chemical supported the right of review granted by Congress to the environmental protection agency. At the same time, he also agreed that the pressure on product safety mentioned by Fisher should be borne by the manufacturer, not the environmental protection agency

EPA lacks the right to prohibit hazardous chemicals under the existing legal system, which can automatically draw the marking degree on the form

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