Dow Europe raises the price of polyurethane raw ma

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Dow Europe raises the price of polyurethane raw materials in the Middle East and other regions

Dow Europe Swiss Horgen company recently announced that it will raise the price of its polyurethane raw materials products in the Middle East, Africa, Indian subcontinent and other regions. In this adjustment, the price of TDI increased by $200 per ton, and the removal method of polyol per ton: turn on the oil pump and increase by $100

the company announced on May 5 that the new price system will take effect immediately, including filled and reinforced unfilled materials and hard thermoplastic plates. The producers said that due to the appeal of raw material experts to find a meeting point between safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, the rise in prices and the rebound in energy prices have impacted the profits of related products, and they decided to adopt a price increase strategy. Circular axis

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