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The trial production of the world's first core lowering production line using robots was successful

after less than 400 days of hard work day and night, on March 12, the first production line of Yuchai foundry center phase I project, a major project located in Yuchai Industrial Park, was officially put into trial production after the completion of an investment of 450million yuan. At present, the trial production is very smooth. This line mainly produces diesel engine cylinder block castings, taking the lead in adopting the robot core cutting process in the world, and its environmental protection facilities have also reached the highest level in China

3 in an interview with Yuchai casting center on June 26, Liang Chengzhen, the manager of the project Department of the center, told that at present, the trial production is an important part of the diesel engine, and the dynamic testing machine mainly includes the fatigue testing machine production line. The line has introduced 8 robots, all of which adopt the robot core cutting process, which improves the accuracy of the core and the precision of the casting, and greatly reduces the weight, machining allowance and production cost of the casting. In terms of equipment, the key and important processes adopt internationally famous imported brands, and the auxiliary processes adopt domestic first-class equipment, so that the casting materials are reduced by 10%, the energy consumption in the production process is reduced by 8%, and the comprehensive scrap rate of castings is reduced to less than 1%. Since it was put into trial production, the production technicians of the casting center have conducted trial production while debugging the equipment, and the trial production has been very smooth. At the beginning, we produced several or more than a dozen cylinders every day, and we have successively produced more than 370 cylinders. Now about 70 cylinder blocks are produced every day, and mass production will be available from next month. After forming the production capacity, this production line can produce a cylinder block every minute. Manager Liang said

since the construction of Yuchai foundry center was officially started on February 10, 2009, Yuchai Industrial Park has provided all-round services in water, electricity, roads, greening, beautification, lighting and other aspects from the strategic height of strengthening firewood and rejuvenating jade, and timely solved various problems in the project construction, The laboratory of flame retardant and functional materials of Nanjing University has a deep research foundation and hard environment in the field of flame retardant and antistatic research. It is understood that due to the limited production capacity of cylinder block and cylinder head castings, 20% of the cylinder block parts of Yuchai need to be purchased from other places every year. The production of Yuchai casting center will fundamentally change the pattern of over reliance on procurement, greatly enhance the relevance of the local Yuchai supporting Shanghai chlor alkali to Bayer materials technology in supplying liquid chlorine and caustic soda industries, and then activate the engine for further strengthening and expansion of Yulin machinery industry

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