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Application of kraft paper in food packaging industry

in the American food processing industry, the word Kraft has two main meanings, one refers to American cheese; Another meaning refers to unbleached primary color paperboard, kraft paper. At present, from bakeries to fast-food restaurants, operators are increasingly using kraft paper as a food packaging for Vickers hardness value (HV). This packaging is not only eye-catching, but also an effective means to enhance corporate brand image and improve sales

in the past, food processors generally used strong bleached sulfuric acid paper as food packaging paper. Its appearance has good gloss and whiteness. It was once recognized as the only material with high quality and stable performance in high-speed molding and filling operations. At that time, processors often used unbleached cardboard to pack supplies that did not need exquisite packaging, such as bulky goods and public facilities supplies. Today, however, unbleached cardboard is increasingly used in the packaging of bottles and tea cups, snack boxes, pizza boxes, bread boxes, and other convenience packaging and food packaging of retail food. Manufacturers have found that unbleached cardboard has many attractive features: the fiber structure enables it to withstand considerable tensile strength; The surface is smooth, uniform and consistent, and can adapt to high-speed mechanical production operations. Its surface is natural brown and can print exquisite color pictures. This kind of packaging can help manufacturers meet the fierce market challenges and position their brands in the market

at present, the requirements of the whole food industry for product quality are on the rise, which requires manufacturers to re-examine how to bring products to the market in order to improve the competitiveness of products from other perspectives. In addition, consumers also have higher requirements for the taste, appearance and packaging of food. They are no longer willing to accept hamburgers wrapped in waxed paper in fast food restaurants, but prefer products with beautifully printed kraft paper and corrugated paper that can be input into the program board packaging according to the requirements

compared with the past, food packaging that wants to be in carries more market information, such as simple company icons that represent the company's image, and complex content that contains various promotional information. Today, we can often see discounted food and other commodity promotion advertisements targeted at fast-food consumers in cinemas or entertainment venues. Therefore, businesses are keenly aware that taking advantage of these opportunities can attract more regular customers and improve the turnover of food sales. Beverage manufacturers took the lead in releasing various promotional information on their beverage packaging, and some printed promotional information on the lining. These examples fully illustrate that packaging has new uses, not just to protect goods from damage

use of kraft paper

in order to meet the new market demand for packaging, food manufacturers choose kraft paper as the mainstream food packaging paper. Compared with bleached paper, kraft paper has many unique advantages. For the packaging of household food, such as barbecue food or homely food, the natural brown of kraft paper makes the packaging look warm and nostalgic. With wood decoration as the main body, the steak restaurant with rural flavor, and kraft paper for the packaging of takeaway food, you can feel the style of the restaurant even if you don't eat in the restaurant. The unique appearance of kraft paper alone is more prominent than the overall white packaging

food packaging should follow the principle of convenience and portability. The tensile strength of kraft paper makes it very suitable for packaging needs. In order to prevent the bag from being broken when consumers take out food, the packaging material is required to have good tensile strength. Beverage packaging requires that the manufacturing materials have certain moisture resistance and deformation resistance to prevent water absorption, deformation and damage. For the packaging of frozen food, the use of high-strength materials as packaging is also the key to consider. This material must be able to withstand the thermal expansion and contraction of low-temperature freezing and high-temperature melting, so that there is no deformation, distortion, wrinkling and excessive moisture absorption can not hold food. From these aspects, kraft paper is more suitable than SBS paper

get the best quality effect

kraft paper can be used in flexo, gravure and offset printing processes. Large scale and experienced paper products processing plants can skillfully process kraft paper, but for small factories that just start to operate kraft paper packaging, how to obtain the best packaging product quality and obtain greater profits, the following are some suggestions

1. color reproduction. In order to get better color reproduction in kraft paper printing, it is more difficult than printing with SBS paper. Because kraft paper itself is dark brown, the effect of printing ink is very different from that of printing on bleached paper, so it is best to use brightly colored ink. Soft colors and light colors are difficult to achieve the expected replication effect, transparency and wear resistance

2. If necessary, add some white to the ink, which is very helpful to copy soft and light colors. With the continuous maturity of printing technology, some enterprises began to use UV ink for printing. In addition, many ink manufacturers have also developed inks for printing on kraft paper, so different formulations of oil can be selected according to the needs of the job. 1 Trachea: 3M ink. Many manufacturers have their own ink chromatogram to provide the printing effect of ink on different papers

3. standard and coating of printing ink. Compared with SBS paper, kraft paper is uncoated, with more pores on the surface and strong permeability. Therefore, additional considerations need to be made in the application and coating of ink. For example, unbleached paper printing requires more ink, so we can consider using some cheap varnish to improve the adhesion of the ink. Generally, high field water-based paint is better than full solvent based varnish. Precoating a layer of viscous solid or propylene resin film helps to prevent the separation of ink pigment and resin, and also prevents the non crosslinked pigment residue from adhering to the cardboard surface. In addition, the surface coating can reduce the external friction of the ink, especially the protection of the full page covering ink. In flexographic printing, the high number of wrinkles roller can get better ink transfer and coating effect for kraft paper printing. In order to improve the ink surface contact on kraft paper, a softer flexo and pad should be used

4. paper products processing. Unglazed kraft paper has the characteristics of loose and porous, so it is easy to produce dust when making and processing paperboard. Here are some suggestions to reduce dust. The air extraction system should be well maintained and the air extractor should be ready before work. In order to ensure the quality, some necessary adjustments should be made. The bellows type one-step extrusion process, which combines mixing granulation and extrusion forming processes into one, is also worth paying attention to. The ventilator is very suitable for kraft paper processing

5. Improve smoothness. The loose and porous structure of kraft paper results in a lower surface smoothness than SBS paper. Due to the texture and fiber structure of kraft paper, it has a rough appearance and texture, which is deeply loved by processing manufacturers. The manufacturer will provide a series of paper with different smoothness. The printer should grasp the surface characteristics of the paper to ensure the printing quality. If you need a substrate with slightly higher smoothness, it is very helpful to consider covering it with a layer of paper, film and metal foil. Calendering can also improve the smoothness of the paperboard

6. die cutting. Due to its special fiber structure and high strength, kraft paper has good processing properties such as embossing, die cutting and indentation. The toughness and strength of the fiber are high, and kraft paper is required to avoid rebound through deep indentation lines. Moreover, the die-cutting knife should be sharp, and narrow indentation is required on the punching line

7. glue. Resin adhesives with high density and viscosity need to be cooled before they can be attached to kraft board. Traditional hot melt adhesives are also suitable for kraft board and kraft paper polished with polyester. Due to its light weight, kraft board is suitable for high-speed folding and gluing machine

8. Supply relationship. When purchasing kraft board, users need to have a continuous and stable supply source and arrange their own production plan. In order to help new customers process kraft paper, suppliers should provide technical service experts to troubleshoot on site. Do everything possible to help food manufacturers meet new challenges. Unbleached kraft paper is a new choice for food retailers and manufacturers

the above suggestions are very useful for those who use kraft paper printing and customer service representatives facing users. They can make you get satisfactory process effects and maximum benefits

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