The world's only valve with strong acid medium und

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Recently, the special valve developed by the 11th Institute of the sixth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation for Shenhua Group has passed the acceptance, becoming the only valve in the world that can be used in the high-speed impact action schematic diagram of strong acid medium 1 Figure 1 air gun research under the 60 degree limit working condition, and the technology has reached the international leading level

this valve is applied to the industrial system of extracting alumina from fly ash. In this system, a large number of valves need to be used to control the acidic fluid medium. The valves are required to have high-temperature hydrochloric acid corrosion resistance and scouring resistance. It is a worldwide problem, which has been restricting the development of the industrial production system of acid extraction of alumina

in recent years, 11 Institutes of the sixth Institute have focused on the field of valves and achieved several advanced technological breakthroughs. In the manned missions of tiangong-2 and shenzhou-11, the beijing-11 Institute of the sixth Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, if required, undertook the research and development of key products such as pumps and valves of the thermal control and environmental control subsystem, which can achieve smooth product surface and realize the driving, control and regulation functions of the thermal control and environmental control fluid return

through this technical breakthrough, 11 Institutes of the Sixth Research Institute have overcome the key technologies such as high-temperature pinch valve used in the process system of extracting alumina from fly ash. It is understood that pinch valves have unique advantages in conveying solids and liquids containing abrasive and corrosive substances such as particles, powders, fibers, and slurries. They have broad application prospects in mining and metal industry, mineral processing industry, pulp and paper industry, chemical processing industry, energy industry and other fields. The successful development of the valve will lay a solid foundation for solving the control valve requirements of various specifications and uses for the industrial system of extracting alumina from fly ash and for industrial production

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