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The application of Kinco servo system in oral liquid filling and sealing machine

I. company introduction

Shenzhen stepping Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in 1996. Starting from the agency and system integration of motion control products, and based on the concept of "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence", it has continuously developed core technologies, accumulated core capabilities, and rapidly developed into a well-known private high-tech enterprise in the industrial automation control industry, The eview man-machine interface produced by its Shenzhen man-machine Electronics Co., Ltd. has become one of the most important brands in China. In addition to Shenzhen man-machine electronics, step-by-step technology and German Jat company jointly established Shenzhen Yate Jingke Electronics Co., Ltd. to produce Kinco brand stepping, servo motor and driver series products, which is gradually becoming one of the best cost-effective products in China

II. System introduction

oral liquid filling and sealing machine belongs to the water agent equipment in the preparation equipment, which is suitable for the filling and capping of oral liquid bottles and syrup bottles. A little improvement can be made to fill and capping Xilin bottles. The core part of the machine is completed by the filling system composed of horizontal tracking motor A and vertical filling motor B. It is believed that the production speed and stability of the whole machine are also determined by these two motors. During the filling process, motor a drives the rack rod to track the delivery speed of oral liquid bottle, and motor B drives the rack rod to fill downward. After filling, both a and B motors return to the initial tracking position

step 138 adhesive for concrete structure reinforcement. Aiming at the servo filling system launched by the pharmaceutical industry of water agent, Kinco intelligent servo is adopted. Using its powerful sequence programming ability, the horizontal tracking curve and vertical lifting curve are written into the servo system for horizontal tracking and the servo system for vertical filling respectively, so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement data; The speed value of the two motors in the whole filling process comes from the speed value of the spindle motor and different internal electronic gear ratios. In addition to the above main functions, the rich communication interface of Kinco servo is used to realize the parameter setting of the upper PLC to the servo

because the core functions are completely completed by the servo system, it greatly simplifies the programming and control difficulty of the upper computer, and simplifies the mechanical structure, which is a great improvement to the design, processing, installation, debugging and maintenance

the following table is a comparison between the oral liquid filling machine with Kinco servo system and other similar machines:

working principle diagram of horizontal tracking and vertical filling motor:

frame diagram

IV. summary:

providing Chinese machine automation solutions for global customers is the enterprise philosophy and business purpose of Shenzhen stepping Technology Co., Ltd. This oral liquid filling and sealing machine project, We adopt Kinco intelligent servo, and use the powerful sequence programming ability of Kinco ed series intelligent servo and the rich communication interface of Kinco ed series intelligent servo to realize the parameter setting of upper PLC for servo, simplify the programming and control difficulty of upper computer, meet the process requirements of customers, improve the reliability of customer equipment and improve the working efficiency of customer equipment in the inspection center, and the customers are very satisfied

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