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Application of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in cigarette package printing

in China, the application of laser holographic technology in anti-counterfeiting printing appeared in the late 1980s, and was first used in the packaging industry of alcohol, tea and cosmetics. In the early 1990s, counterfeiting and selling were rampant in the tobacco industry, with more than onemillion cases of cigarettes sold through illegal channels every year. Facing this severe market environment, the rise of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology has cast a brilliant anti-counterfeiting sword for the tobacco industry, effectively realizing the perfect unity of packaging anti-counterfeiting and packaging decoration. At present, after years of use, laser holographic technology is still as new as ever. The application of laser holographic non positioning hot stamping technology in cigarette bags has the following forms:

<1. Laser holographic non positioning hot stamping technology

transfers the holographic pattern to cigarette bags through the bronzing process. In this way, the hologram on the hot stamping material does not need to be aligned with the hot stamping die head, which is easier to achieve. This technology has relatively simple manufacturing process and low cost. Using special laser holographic electrochemical aluminum to make customized enterprise information into holograms can play a better anti-counterfeiting role, such as the cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting of top grade hongyuxi, Liqun, etc. is the successful application of this kind of technology

2. Holographic printing

the continuously arranged holographic film is made into holographic paper by transfer, and then printed on the holographic paper. The common ones in the general version include plain grating and cylindrical grating (such as Honghe V8, Huangshan mandijin, etc.), and the special version includes flagship jiaozi, Huanghelou, Liqun, etc. This kind of product is mainly made of composite holographic paper in the initial stage. In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, it has been changed to transfer holographic paper (domestic enterprises that do well include northern Jiuxing, Shaoxing Jinghua, etc.). Because the surface of this kind of product is non absorbable, it is easy to produce quality problems such as dirt, sticking and color explosion during printing. Cigarette package printing enterprises must strengthen process control when adopting this kind of technology

3. Positioning holographic printing

our company provides a series of flat cut, V-shaped or special fixtures to make a holographic master by positioning and typesetting part of the hologram to be used in the cigarette bag. After pressing the holographic film, the positioning holographic printing paper is made by compounding or transferring, and then accurate alignment printing is carried out on the holographic paper. Due to the high alignment accuracy, only Zhuhai zhongtoyota, Taiwan guangqun and other enterprises have developed better products. This kind of technology has been better applied in the cigarette bag of seven wolves and five leaf God

4. laser holographic positioning hot stamping technology

laser holographic positioning hot stamping is the main means of anti-counterfeiting application of cigarette packets at present. Several domestic famous cigarette brands such as Yunyan, Hongtashan, Dahongying, furongwang, etc. have adopted laser holographic positioning hot stamping. Laser holographic positioning hot stamping is to accurately hot stamp the hologram of a specific part on the holographic anti-counterfeiting hot stamping film to the designated position of the packaging box on the full-automatic high positioning hot stamping equipment through photoelectric recognition. It is difficult to locate the hot stamping. In addition to the special hot stamping equipment that causes cracks in the use process, it has high requirements for the production of hot stamping film tapes with reduced costs. Only by strictly controlling the molding process, strip dividing accuracy and winding tightness can we get the accurate positioning of hot stamping patterns, and the positioning accuracy cannot be less than ± 0.2 mm. In addition, for holographic positioning hot stamping, the medium for recording holograms is required to have high resolution, which usually can reach more than N3000 line pairs/mm. In the process of hot stamping, it is also required that the imaging layer of the holographic hot stamping film can maintain the information of this high-resolution laser hologram without loss (that is, the definition of high-density fine stripes is not blurred), so as to ensure that the hologram after hot stamping still has high diffraction efficiency. Due to the high content of anti-counterfeiting technology and exquisite patterns, it can better highlight the personality charm of the brand logo, and is very popular with cigarette manufacturers. The positioning hot stamping materials used in the early stage are basically imported. Since 1997, Huagong science and technology image branch has focused on the research and development of this technology, and has taken the lead in successfully developing laser holographic high-speed positioning hot stamping foil in China, becoming the first supplier in China to achieve mass supply of such products, making China occupy a place in this high-tech industry. At the same time, it also forces the import of holographic hot stamping foil to reduce prices significantly, thus saving costs for domestic packaging and printing enterprises that use holographic positioning hot stamping foil. The company developed 'Baisha Golden Century', and the holographic positioning hot stamping foil won the annual international best anti-counterfeiting award at the IHMA (International holographic Manufacturers Association)

2003 annual meeting. This is the first international award for China's anti-counterfeiting technology products in recent years, marking that the domestic holographic positioning hot stamping foil has reached the international leading level. Due to the short proofing time of positioning hot stamping products of domestic holographic material manufacturers, the price is lower than that of "Baisha Golden Century" holographic high-speed positioning hot stamping logo and award-winning certificate, the product quality and technical level are higher, and the after-sales service response is rapid. This competitive advantage and constantly improving competitive strength according to local conditions have led some foreign holographic manufacturers to gradually withdraw from the Chinese market

5. Transparent holography and positioning hollowed out technology

traditional holographic products generally adopt aluminum plating process to increase the holographic diffraction effect, which is generally opaque. Transparent holographic products are made of non aluminized transparent media and multi-layer film structure, which has a very good overall effect. The laser pattern is clear and bright, which ensures better transparency and meets the requirements of the market. Transparent holographic transfer (such as red great hall of the people, red Wuniu, etc.) and transparent hot stamping technology (such as Wuyi cigarettes) are widely used on cigarette packs

holographic positioning hollowed out technology is the further distillation of transparent holographic application technology. It is to etch transparent patterns, patterns or words at the fixed position of aluminized holographic hot stamping foil, and then hot stamp them on the package. The illusory and illusory holographic patterns have stunning effects, and the high technical difficulty makes counterfeiters stop at a glance. Moreover, the application of this technology will greatly promote the innovation of China's tobacco outsourcing design, stimulate more design inspiration and show new faces of packaging

laser holographic materials have become the highlight of modern packaging because of their anti-counterfeiting, dazzling and novel advantages. The huge cigarette bag Market in China also continues to promote the development and upgrading of holographic technology. In January, 2005, the IHMA annual meeting will be held in China for the first time, which marks that China has become an important country to promote the development of the world holographic industry and is becoming the core area of the global holographic industry. China's holographic technology must accelerate its development in the new competition under the new attention - take off

(author/lichunyang Huagong Technology Industry Co., Ltd. image branch)

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