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Application of kv1000 inverter in central air conditioning

central air conditioning system has been widely used in industrial and civil fields. Central air conditioning is mainly composed of fans and water pumps. Using frequency conversion speed regulation technology can not only maintain the room temperature in large places such as shopping malls or hotels in the desired state, making people feel comfortable and satisfied, but also its power saving effect is as high as more than 30%, which can achieve good economic benefits

I. The current situation of equipment operation and the necessity of transformation

generally, when the central air conditioner works normally, there is a cooling water pump and a chilled water pump in normal use, and the other two cooling water pumps accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and two chilled water pumps are used as standby. In summer, there are two cooling water pumps and two chilled water pumps. Considering the short time in summer and the power saving effect and investment cost of the equipment, one frequency converter and one power frequency are used

the maximum load capacity of the cooling water and chilled water system of central air conditioning is always designed according to the conditions of the hottest weather and the largest load, but in fact, the system rarely works under such extreme conditions, so the actual load rarely reaches full load, especially in seasons with slightly lower temperature, the demand for cooling air is less, and the load of the main engine is low. In order to ensure a good running state and high operating efficiency, the host has to automatically load or unload according to the change of load. However, the matching chilled water pump is still running under high load. According to the site situation, the opening of the valve at the outlet of the refrigeration pump is only 20% - 30%, and the flow of chilled water is very small, so there is a lot of energy loss on the valve. According to the above comprehensive analysis, Chilled water "When we first came, the frequency conversion transformation of the pump was very necessary.

II. The composition and working principle of the central air conditioning system

the central air conditioning system is mainly composed of a refrigerator, a cooling water circulation system, and a chilled water circulation system, as shown in Figure 1:

the refrigerator compresses the refrigerant into a liquid through the compressor and sends it to the evaporator for heat exchange with the chilled water. The chilled water is cooled, and the chilled water is sent to each fan by the chilled water pump In the cooling coil in, the fan blows cold air to achieve the purpose of cooling. After evaporation, the refrigerant releases heat in the condenser and exchanges heat with the cooling circulating water. The cooling water pump sends the cooling water pump that brings heat to the cooling water tower, and the fan of the water tower sprays it for cooling, and exchanges heat with the atmosphere to dissipate heat to the atmosphere

III. energy saving transformation of variable frequency speed regulation of central air conditioning

system composition

the transformation of central air conditioning with Comron kv1000 series frequency converter can form the following system, as shown in Figure 2:

working principle

in this system, refrigerated Henkel aims at many of its cars using pumps, cooling pumps, and water tower fan transformers. Therefore, after 68 years, the frequency converter adopts open-loop control, It shall be adjusted by maintenance personnel according to different seasons and load changes; The fan adopts temperature closed-loop control, which can adjust the speed of the fan according to the feedback value of the temperature sensor, so as to keep the controlled environment basically constant. As shown in schematic diagram 3:

komlung electric P-Series frequency converter is applicable to the control of fans and pumps, and can realize automatic energy-saving operation according to the load condition. And its built-in PID function can complete the closed-loop automatic control of temperature and other parameters without the help of other controllers


kv series frequency converter also provides rs232/rs485 serial interface to connect with the microcomputer in the central control room to realize centralized monitoring, so that the maintenance personnel can monitor the operation of each frequency converter in time

IV. comprehensive benefit evaluation

the system adopts kv1000 high-performance frequency converter of Shenzhen komlong Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., which has the advantages of rich functions, stable performance, miniaturization, low-noise operation and so on

significant power saving effect and good economic benefits

the room temperature is kept constant, making people feel comfortable

the system has the advantages of convenient operation, stable operation and small maintenance

variable frequency speed regulation enables the motor to operate below the rated frequency most of the time, reducing environmental noise and reducing motor bearing wear

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