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The application of knowledge engineering in the positive design of the air passage


before that, our company undertook and successfully completed the engineering project of the reverse design of the diesel engine air passage of Shanghai diesel engine plant, and all parameters reached or exceeded the original indicators

based on the success of reverse design and the trust and tacit understanding reached in the cooperation, combined with the functions of CATIA V5 and the characteristics of airway design, we propose a forward and parametric airway design scheme

technical requirements:

i. location requirements: no interference with related parts

ii Appearance requirements: consistent with the original airway appearance style

iii. section requirements: the cross-sectional area passing through each specific point is consistent with the theoretical value


i how to accurately calculate the minimum cross-sectional area


according to the design characteristics of the airway, I decided to use the generative surface modeling module (GSD) to realize the parametric modeling of the surface, supplemented by the knowledge engineering optimizer (PEO) - "the rest are hard bones". After the modeling is completed, based on the theoretical sectional area value, change the corresponding parameters to make the actual sectional area value coincide with the theoretical value

generative surface modeling (GSD) -- design a complex shape based on the combination of wire frame and multiple surface features. It has a wide set of tools to build and modify mechanical design surfaces used in complex shape or mixed shape design; It also provides an efficient and intuitive design environment to capture and reuse the design methods and technical specifications

knowledge engineering optimizer (PEO) – enables users to design according to goals by capturing optimization intentions, such as cost, area, time, etc. The product can define optimization objects and optimization means including multidisciplinary methods

as we all know, there are countless sections through a point and a fixed entity, but its minimum value is only one. How to accurately calculate it is the fatal point of the whole airway design, and it is also a blind installation foundation in the current CAD field. Here, we first use mathematical knowledge to construct an equation, and then compile and define a plug-in small module in the knowledge engineering module. Its success not only removed the biggest obstacle in the design of the air passage, but also greatly appreciated the technical guidance of Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory

design process:

CATIA V5 attaches great importance to the concept of design process, and has powerful definition tools and functions. When we define a good design process and use CATIA V5 to reflect and manage it, the completion of the whole project is often due to laziness, which often erases what could have been innovated and plays a multiplier role in the completion and improvement (later change)


to sum up, we can perceive that CATIA V5 has a considerable room for expansion in addition to its powerful functions; Here, you can only appreciate a small tree in the vast forest

in this design process, although the cooperation between bentler Sigri and Volvo in spa plate spring design comes from extensive experience, and CATIA V5 provides a broad stage space, due to the limitations of my personal knowledge and ability - both in terms of professional knowledge of airway and application skills of CATIA V5, there are many dangers. It can be said that teamwork is my sharp sword to cut thorns. In particular, I would like to thank Professor Wang Shifang of Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory for his patient guidance and Mr. Simon Fung of IBM for his timely technical support. (end)

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