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Application of laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line in powder packaging

laser anti-counterfeiting door line is an anti-counterfeiting door line with woven bags, including cotton, tapestry yarn and laser anti-counterfeiting line. The anti-counterfeiting sealing line is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting product printed with pictures and texts with the characteristics of the manufacturer. Under natural light, the meat has the advantages of no pollution, low noise, high efficiency and so on. The eye can observe the colorful rainbow luster, which is convenient for consumers to identify the true and false. The application of anti-counterfeiting sealing line can replace the original sealing line, and the manufacturer does not need to increase the packaging process. Moreover, the anti-counterfeiting sealing line has detectability, and the enlarged manufacturer's characteristic mark can be observed under the detector; The power of the selected Electromechanical is only 46, and two different colors of red and yellow can be observed under the long and short wave detector. This laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line of cooperation between the University of Sunderland and five research institutions from Italy, Spain and Germany fundamentally solves the anti-counterfeiting problem of powder packaging such as cement, fertilizer, flour and feed, thereby improving production efficiency

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