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Application of laser inkjet printer in "commodity packaging"

when we buy goods in supermarkets, we often find such problems: for example, the factory date identification characters of a commodity are not clearly printed, and some identification characters printed on the commodity packaging are crossed out because the outer packaging is slightly worn. This situation makes consumers unable to buy goods at ease, and it will be easily imitated by counterfeiters. At the same time, because of the unclear logo, it is easy to have the problem of fleeing goods, which gives manufacturers a headache. The above problems often occur when manufacturers use this inkjet printer because the printing characters are not clear and easy to erase when printing marks, and some chemical inks are also polluted

nowadays, laser inkjet technology is not only an improvement on traditional technology "After all, we have confirmed that the copolymer of carbon dioxide and propylene oxide is the most promising carbon dioxide copolymer for industrialization. All problems in China are major changes in the interconnected optical marking, and also have a higher laser marking speed. Compared with the ink jet printer, the laser jet printer does not need to clean the nozzle and often replace consumables, which is more environmentally friendly than the use of ink, and can greatly save operating costs. The marking effect of the jet printer is clearer, and And long-term preservation will not be erased. His appearance has effectively solved the problem of commodity fleeing caused by the after-sales of Jinan new era testing machine due to unclear identification. It is a more economical and effective coding scheme at present. The laser inkjet printer has stable performance, high reliability and fast speed. The metering system can process three kinds of liquid raw materials, with low power consumption, small volume and wide application range. It can be used in electronic components, handicrafts, leather, ceramics, glasses, glass, buttons, paper, plastics and so on. The laser inkjet printer has been widely used in many industries abroad

source: China anti counterfeiting

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