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The bipolar thinking of brand marketing

the state temperature and humidity of the product are well controlled. Ma Kai, vice premier of the academy and leader of the national leading group for the development of new material industry, inspected a batch of Ningbo new material enterprises and scientific research institutions. Brand marketing is a difficult move, especially in the Chinese market where international competition has been localized and various marketing means such as advertising and price are extremely rampant! Even the electronics industry with the highest brand maturity has been plagued with troubles recently:

report 2: the economic operation Department of the Ministry of information industry, China Electronics and video industry association and Sano Market Research Co., Ltd. jointly released a data on October 31: "in September this year, the net profits of 32, 37, 40 and 42 inch LCD TVs of domestic brands were all negative; next year, the color TV industry may suffer losses." Industry insiders generally believe that China's flat-panel TV will repeat the mistakes of the Chinese industry

report 3: Changhong Group, unable to endure the toss of "losing money and making a cry", has comprehensively contracted the air conditioning front and retreated to the Sichuan Chongqing market. This was once the first brand in China's home appliance industry to eat the "crab" of the price war, and finally could not escape the fate of becoming the cannon fodder of the air conditioning price war

report 4: according to the Beijing business daily, the Galanz microwave oven, known as the "price butcher", began to reflect on its price war strategy and is secretly giving up the price war

China's electronics industry is the birthplace of China's brand price war. It should be said that price war has contributed to the survival of the fittest of industry brands and the counterattack against foreign brands. But after all, price war is only a way of brand marketing, and it is a relatively low-level way. Everyone knows that price war is a "double-edged sword". The endless and vicious price competition will inevitably cause great harm to the brand: due to the continuous decline of prices, on the one hand, in order to survive, most enterprises will choose to "cut corners on work and materials", so that the product quality will continue to decline; On the other hand, consumers find that they have cut prices after buying, so a sense of mistrust naturally arises. These are fatal blows to brand reputation. But it is easier said than done not to fight a price war. As customers of "God" and Gome and Suning who are in an absolutely strong position, will they believe in the oath of "putting down the butcher's knife and becoming Buddha on the ground"

the price war has plunged China's electronics industry into a abyss, but the victims are far from the electronics industry. Almost all Chinese brands are trapped in a price vortex. In recent years, foreign capital has repeatedly succeeded in mergers and acquisitions of Chinese brands, including the evil consequences of the price war. The price war will inevitably lead to a sharp decline in brand profit space, so many Chinese brands are struggling in the international competition of "wolf before tiger"

in the face of the whirlpool of price war, the powerful terminal and the increasingly fierce competitive environment, we can't give up the price war by empty talk. It's just self deception; Superfluoro is the expression. Chinese brand managers need "two pole thinking of brand marketing": under the principle of firm brand positioning and firm product quality, on the one hand, through the development of outstanding selling points, differentiated and refined products, combined with strong product promotion, or through brand event marketing that is consistent with the core demands of the brand, to show the taste of the brand and improve the brand reputation; On the other hand, we will continue to launch products with good cost performance and price advantages to attack competitors, so as to ensure that the focus of the brand will not be moved down due to the price war and the brand image will not be damaged due to the price war in the "ebb and flow of brand promotion and price war". As shown in the figure below:

the campaign of brand promotion is to pull up the focus of the brand and improve the brand reputation. Of course, it is required that whether it is the promotion of new products or brand event marketing, it must meet the requirements of taste and reputation, because after all, some event marketing only improves the brand reputation. Every price war pulls down the focus of the brand, more or less damaging the reputation of the brand. Therefore, the price war must be measured properly: the price cut cannot reduce the quality, and the appearance is simple but not simple. Therefore, in the process of brand marketing, enterprises must balance the brand focus and do a good job in the bipolar work of brand marketing, so as to avoid the outcome of "applauding but not winning" or "dying in battle" in the endless price war

fortunately, some brands with foresight in China have successfully applied the "bipolar thinking of brand marketing" and thus led enterprises out of the quagmire of price war. Haier in the household appliance industry has developed a healthy, energy-saving and environment-friendly dual power washing machine, which has got rid of the traditional low-cost image of Chinese products and entered the international high-end market. Mengniu in the dairy industry has made great efforts in the high-grade marketing of the brand, although it is hard to distinguish between the terminal and Yili. On october22,2006, the world dairy conference was held in Shanghai. Mengniu won the "new product development award" which is the highest award in the world dairy industry once every four years with its independently innovative high-end product "telunsu". For the first time, the Chinese won the trophy on the award platform of the "Olympic grand ceremony" of the global dairy industry with a history of 100 years! We used to worry about how far Mengniu, who likes to play the gags of "special milk for astronauts" and "super girl", can go. Now, Mengniu, which has begun to work at the high end, has given us enough confidence

the great leader, Mr. Deng Xiaoping, once told us that "we should grasp both hands and be hard"! For deep sinking 5 For a Chinese brand that affirms that the power supply is at the specified voltage and safely grounded, only by grasping the two poles of brand marketing can it break through the dilemma of "there are wolves before there are tigers". (end)

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