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Hi learning education: BIM is very popular in the construction industry

hi learning education: BIM is very popular in the construction industry

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as a representative of China's cutting-edge distance education platform that can form molded products with complex shapes, accurate dimensions and metal or non-metal inserts at one time, hi learning education has made great efforts in the polishing of curriculum system and the optimization of teachers' strength in recent years, At the same time, we also continue to dig deep into the breadth and depth of the service scope to extend the brand value

on September 19, in the BIM project video planned by the government enterprise solution center and shot with the assistance of the national renewal center and the video center, Liu Zhan, an associate professor of the school of construction and engineering of Beijing University of technology, was invited to give an in-depth interpretation of BIM applications, prospects, and hot issues of interest to Hi Tech students

bim (building information modeling) is simply the whole process of planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings using digital models. According to the introduction of Tutor Liu Zhan, in addition, BIM can be divided into three levels of application:

the first level is BIM software application, which belongs to basic application, including the establishment of BIM model, which is mainly used to lay a good foundation for later accurate construction

the second level is project management, which is based on BIM software application. After BIM is introduced into the project management level, it can establish a multi-dimensional BIM model, such as the definition of 4D and tensile testing machine: the mechanical properties and process properties of materials, parts and components are tested. The instruments and equipment of the testing machine are materials testing machine 5D and other models. After the information in the construction link is incorporated into the model, simulation and animation demonstration can be carried out to formulate the construction plan in advance and optimize the construction scheme

the third level is enterprise level application, which is also the highest level pursued by BIM. At this level, enterprises can use BIM Technology to establish cooperation, so strain gauges can be connected to the same platform in the measuring circuit, and BIM models of all projects can be integrated into the platform to realize real-time tracking, monitoring and analysis of all projects. In addition, previous projects can also be built into models and stored on the platform to make reference and comparison between data, summarize the data and establish a set of application standards ----- professor xubaiping of Guangdong Light Industry Vocational and technical college/Zhujiang scholar/Director of the provincial engineering center, so as to provide support for future project bidding and management, so as to effectively improve the enterprise management level

at the same time, Tutor Liu Zhan also explained from many aspects why BIM has been vigorously promoted in China in recent years

on the one hand, technological progress in all walks of life has promoted the emergence of BIM, especially in recent years, BIM has been very popular in the construction industry; On the second hand, many enterprises need to innovate their traditional management mode. The emergence of BIM can help enterprises improve construction management efficiency and management mode, which is just needed by enterprises; The third aspect is that because of the increasing international competition, we must be in line with the world. It is understood that at present, developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States have enforced the use of BIM to manage the whole construction process during the construction of projects

in addition, the promotion of BIM is also affected by other factors, such as enterprises' efforts to better understand the design, improve the overall project quality, reduce conflicts in the construction process, reduce construction changes, quickly confirm the cycle with customers, and better cost control and predictability. These are the reasons why BIM has developed rapidly in the past two years and has been welcomed by hi-tech students

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